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^ He cannot make a firm commitment when "making a baseless allegation."
^ He cannot make a baseless allegation without copying an idea off someone else.
^ He was one a Somali pirate as speaks Cushtic fluently.
^ He loves going to the flicks as a commando.
^ likes to go to the cinema to make own movie with his partner.
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^Been on fewer crusades than Dalai Llama.
^ drinks coffee and eats hats.
^ drinks coffee out of a helmet.
^ shoots Luftwaffel aircraft out of the sky with his ack-ack and eats them.
Hides his abilities; is a master of Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong.
^Farts on his hamster when the world lets him down. Rumor has it that this one time, it wasn't a fart. The hamster never truly recovered, those eyes that before radiated with life now has a dead stare to them.
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^ Has never told a funny dad joke in his life.
^ Cheats his score at mini golf.
^ plays mini golf with miniature clubs and balls.
^ washes his balls carefully before playing miniature golf