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^ He is attracted to high class fourty-something ladies with silver hair and regularly dates such a one who is a baroness.
This is no wizard, no fortune teller, no magician, not even an adept trick performer; i really wonder how once or twice, managed to hit the spot right on, but certainly not this time round (my cutesy honeyplum is younger than thirty, with silk-blonde hair and looks like a real princess, especially whenever she wears her pink dress with floral patterns, or white lacey one).
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^ He has an overactive and vivid imagination.
Is lacking in the field of psychology, as well; cannot discern between imagination and memories of events that already transpired.
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^ is actually lacking in the field of chemistry. Failed to make a stable mixture with "his princess'".
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^ They cancelled Firefly
^ eats fireflies, glows in the dark.
^ He has translucent and luminescent skin.
^ Seen,kicking cats and is on the run from three old ladies with walking sticks.
^ He actually attempted to bathe a cat once and left the hospital documented in the Guiness Book of Records for the most stitches ever received at one time by a human being.
^ took a very long nap after he fought the Balrog on the peak of Zirakzigil, as the Fellowship of the Ring continued on their quest. He finally rejoined them in the Fangorn Forest.
^ He polishes his lance so well that it shines very brightly and blinds his opponents.
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^ has a way of laughing with a wheezy snicker that is entirely reminiscent of Muttley from Wacky Races
^ He forgot that Tom Slick was a much cooler racing cartoon.
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He forgot how to cast spells; or never even learnt that, in the first place.