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^ is my big fan and is hanging from the ceiling and collecting dust.
^ is a dust collector - trading bags of dust with other passionate collectors from all over the world.
^ likes dusty springfield, a dusty field during spring.
If i sent this knight on a quest, to retrieve my precious treasure from the enemies of mankind and civilization itself, he would have been fooled into becoming a turncoat and aiding them instead, believing their sweet-talked lies, elegant voices and innocent mask (good sir knights fall the hardest, for deception).
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^ He has, as of yet, been unable to master the English language.
^ Runs a backyard chook raffle,once a month.
^ in conversation, he goes on quoting lines from obscure B-movies that no one ever picks up
^ He is a Formula 1 mechanic for Ferrari.
^ Left his umbrella on the train and walked home in the rain,cursing.
^ He is ignorant of the fact that I walk in the rain often and frequently for miles and that it nay bothers me.
^ wrote his romantic adventures in Fifty Shades of Grey Gandalf.
^ He employed said tome as a roadmap for success with the ladies.
^ wears sunglasses at night
^ wears snorkel everytime he uses the bathtub.
Dates cute and elegant local ladies, who are 40 years of age but look like teens.