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Tauto: ^ Sometimes, forgets to use an arrow.
^ is a feminist
^ Still thinks that his father dressing as a sexy santa and singing europop songs on christmas eve was completely normal and casual behavior found in every other family.
^ doesn't celebrate Christmas
^ plays with model trains while wearing a station master's hat and holding a lollipop sign and blowing a whistle
^ Can see ultraviolet light.
^ thinks that "duct tape" is actually "duck tape" and wonders what the heck ducks have to do with it
^ Plays hand ball with the local cops.
^ He plays water polo with all the hot lady cops near his neighborhood.
^ Seen, throwing stones at Bald Eagles and Grasshoppers.
^ Had a girlfriend once who liked to call him her little puffball.
^ He was an exemplary student in his day.
^ was a biologist when he was young. Now, after all those creatures have become fossils, he becomes a paleontologist.
^ Secret Agent 86 is a relative to this person.
^ When he was a lad, the Dead Sea was just a wee bit ill.
^ Has a canary that can't sing or dance.