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^ Thinks being mean is lame. Cool people are nice!
^ He's friends with many cool people and he's also familiar with HeresMyAccount.
^ Is on my friendlist and therefore just gave himself a compliment.
^ He posts in the English language with better wording and grammar than many who were born and raised within the United States of America.
^ Speaks Esperanto better than a native Esperantian.
^ Enjoys Adam Sandler movies for the product placement and deer-related excrement fetishism.
^ is a character who has escaped from an Adam Sandler movie and is now hiding in the Gog forum.
^ He is the favored pet of two winged dragons who grant him fortune and health.
^ Charles Manson stole his look.
^ Likes Charles Manson's music almost as much as Marilyn Manson.
^ Believes your home is where you're happy.
^ Reminiscent of the iconic statue of David by Renaissance Grand-master Michelangelo, his physique is oft admired by lovely ladies.
Hooyaah is saying you have a tiny dick, InSaint.
^ He is apparently dick-less, as he hasn't the experience to know that a flaccid penis may become quite large when erect.
^ has paid an African witch doctor to cast a "Penis theft" spell on LegoDnD.