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Enjoys visiting swamps that smell like chili-dog farts.
^ Dog farts give him chills.
^ Ent farts give him a good nap in the woods.
^ He is one of the special, select few who know that "Ent farts" are actually fresh O2.
^ Posted 55 minutes ago
^ Posted 1 hour ago.
^ Plagiarizes other people's baseless allegations.
^ Believes that libel is a literary art form.
Post edited November 30, 2021 by HeresMyAccount
* He believes that Liberia is libel for liberal libertine libation liberties.
^ Owned all the libs with that sentence.
^ wants to monopolize all libraries in his country.
^ always confuses librarians with libertarians.
^ Is Conan the Librarian.
^ Is a master in Ars Moriendi.
^ debates everyone he met on the street about the proper pronunciation of the Greek letter 'omicron' on daily basis.