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^ He collects sea shells and uses them to construct his suit of armor.
^ fondles penguins
^ He asks comely lasses if they would allow him to conduct an experiment that he has been conducting to determine how ticklish ladies are generally. If they affirm their consent, he prods them gently, several times, in non-invasive bodily areas. Afterward, he inquires, "How did you enjoy my 'test tickles?"
^ He thinks Lassie the dog is a comely lass.
^ doesn't cry over spilled milk. He'd just lick it.
^ constantly spills milk out of ample bosoms and wears that disguise to try to fool people into thinking that she's a man.
^ He knows this to be fact, having discovered that to be so after only the first date he had with the aforementioned individual.
^ Owns a sword and just waits for a chance to use it.
^ has mastered Drunken Fist and just waits for an opportunity to get drunk and start a barfight.
^ Giftet me an antique wine bottle to allow me to start drunken fights outsides of bars too. I never did though.
^ He is in possession of a truncheon once the property of Krampus.
^ Suffers from severe menstrual krampus.
^ In spite of his age, he is still just a brat in a rage.
^ Owns a bird named "Gert"
^ Thinks the bird is "rude".