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low rated
^ Likes Citizen Kane and unironically says it's the best film ever made


Hooyaah: ^ He easily drifts to sleep listening to this.
Thanks for this......saved for later relaxation listening :)
^ Owns a beautiful bust of Jigoro Kano.
^ uses bleach instead of soap.
^ takes a bath inside his car at the same time while his car is being washed.
^ Used to date Sofia Rotaru before finding out how old she is.
^ Used to date the Hagia Sophia before realising it was a building.
^ waters his stone garden every second sunday.
^ He feeds the birds at the park every afternoon.
^ flips the bird at the park every afternoon.
^ flips off his pet birds at least once per hour.
^ Squawks like a bird several times per hour.
^ he delivers pizza
^ He's supposed to deliver pizza but he eats it instead, gets a lot of complaints form customers and then accuses them of lying.
^ He sells frozen french fries
^ He (or she) sells sea shells by the sea shore.