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^ Is taking the hobbits to a nice dinner and hates it when they expect to stay for seconds and thirds.
^ He has a habit of habitation and hobnobbing with hobbits.
^ can create toilet paper out of thin air, just with a snap of his fingers. He's never been in a dire situation when there's not a single sheet found on the toilet-roll holder.
^ does need neither toilet paper nor a toilet, because he only excretes thin air.
^ He smells like teen spirit.
^ He fits inside of a heart-shaped box.
^ He's always thought Nirvana is pretentious nonsense and was happy when Kurt Cobain died.
^ Attempted to cure my insomnia by playing the moonlight sonata on a kazoo and sending me a lo-fi recording in mono via e-mail.
^ He easily drifts to sleep listening to this.
^ always goes jogging with this music on loop.
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^ He plays musical instruments while jogging in a loop.

morolf, that was very baseless - good job!
^ He grills a mean steak.
^ Steams a good ham.
^ Boils a terrible armadillo.
^ Cooks up a great opium.