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^ wants to rule as a cruel tyrant ("the supreme magician") over the magic kingdom.
Morolf accuses Hooyaah of accepting the One Ring from Frodo.
^ Gollum is his favorite LotR character.
^ He keeps Sméagol as a pet and feeds him scraps which his Komodo Dragons leave behind.
^ only eats onion rings fried in the fires of Mount Doom.
^ And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was le_chevalier, and Hell followed with him.
^ He is currently craving tacos.
^ I would like to make a clever joke about what food he is craving, but i haven't read any works of Tolkien and have not watched any movies based on his work, so i don't know what they eat in Middle Earth.
^ Wants to take a tacky taco and tuck it into a tank.

Edit: likes to interrupt people to talk about ignorance of irrelevant topics.
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^ He is ready for "third breakfast."
^ His favorite food is roasted Hobbit, prepared according to an Uruk-Hai recipe.
^ Should learn about PO-TA-TOS and how you can boil 'em, mash 'em, or put 'em in a stew!
^ thinks potatoes grow on trees.
^ Wonders how I was ninjad by 3 posts in 4 hours.
^ is afraid that Maenmeldir will cast a spell on him and transform him into a snail, as punishment for being too slow in forum games.