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^ Consents without consent, ruining the other person's day.
^ His Halloween costume this year is made entirely of Lego building blocks.
^ Helped me build it.
^ He will look awesome as an Auto-bot and win the costume contest.
^ Was the mastermind behind the transforming capability of the costume.
^ rolls his dice using a mortar.
^ Considers using mortars not knightly.
^Considers moving chess knights not mortarly.
^ has made claims that dinosaurs alive today hiding and using Facebook to communicate with each other.
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^ Is one such reptilian dinosaucer
^ Is specifically referring to pre-therapods who had fewer or no feathers.
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^Is a Lego(also maybe Duplo) block loving Dinosaucer in disguise
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^ Intentionally chose an Avatar looking like Patrick Jane in small resolution while actually being from a 1999 movie.
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^Was the one who took the picture in my avatar....they used a potato, hence the small picture size
(the same potato was then used by Aperture Science to grow the various spuds found in Portal 2)
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^ is the most mental of all world-class mentalists.