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^ confuses rectal eruption with volcanic eruption, in his analysis. He's an analyst, not a volcanologist.
^ Is a knight making butt jokes.
^ Is the sneakiest chemical in the world.
^ Has a chemical romance.
^Has a Master Plan.
^ He's so good at putting worms on hooks that he earned the title, "Master Baiter."
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^ didn't need fishing tackle skills to earn that title.
^ Likes to fish for sharks with severed heads as bait.
^ Likes to fish for hookers of both genders using Benjamins as bait.
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^ Likes to fish in wishing wells using Lincolns as bait.
^ receives "pennies from Heaven" but it doesn't pay the bills
^ Is climbing the Stairway to Heaven.
^ When he gets there he knows, if the stores are all closed, with a word he can get what he came for.
^ was once given a name "Horny Horse" by a Native American tribe during his visit to their village. They were probably referring to the unicorn.
^ Mis-remembers Shadowfax as a unicorn.