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^ He tells "knock knock" jokes at parties to impress the ladies and it never goes well.
^ He "knock knocks" the ladies to impress at parties and it never goes well.
^ always shakes his joystick, never stirs him.
^ He always had first crack at all of James Bond's girls.
^ always speaks with tongue in cheek - but literally, so that people have often a hard time trying to understand what he's saying.
^ Thinks he has a rabbit's foot in his pocket, for luck but doesn't realise that it is actually a wombat paw.
^Is secretly an AOC supporter o.0
(Preemptive disclaimer to everyone reading: This is just me being silly and adding to the thread.)
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^ is the only one being silly in this entire topic.
^ Is both wise and observant
^ Has a picture of a Daddy Long Legs in his wallet that he shows all the girls and tells them he once wrestled one of them.
^ wrestles girls because he thinks he has more chances of winning.
^ Found a fly in his soup and ate it because fresh meat is replaced by pretend meat.
^ kills flies with his sword.
^ Every year, he puts on his Santa suit and runs through the streets singing ''Jingle Bells'' as the kids try to catch him.
^ He is actually the elf managing Santa's largest toy-producing workshop.