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^ Wrote the script to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, but was so ashamed he had his name removed from the credits.
^ instead had his name entered on the credits, so he could steal the fruits of Maenmeldir's labour.
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^ labored Maenmeldir's fruits and was paid with credit card for doing it.
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^ Has to roll a huge rock up a mountain for all of eternity. Everytime he almost reaches the top, it rolls back down.
^ Being bound with chains to said mountain, with an eagle eating his liver, he enjoys the sight of a forum buddy being there to accompany him.
^ is scheming to replace King Minos as judge in the underworld, because he hopes to sentence other forum members to eternal torments.
^ Tried to stab MightyFloTheKing in the abdomen with an entrenching tool to prevent his plan from succeeding.
^ Likes to masturbate while watching things like that.
^ his life force is fading away and he's merely a shell of his former self, because he masturbated so much. Kids, let him be a warning to yourselves, do not masturbate!
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^ As an ordained minister, he preaches against sexual promiscuity as a guest speaker before congregations world-wide.
^ Is a huge fan of morolf's speeches, and likes to record them on television so he can watch them after his orgies.
^ goes to the Moon every year to celebrate the Mooncake festival. He eats a lot of cakes made on the Moon.
^ He eats a dozen or more Moon Pies each day.

Moon Pie
^ Tried to eat Mooncake.
^ remembers that George Washington's last words were "'Tis hell."