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^ Controls the shadows by making shadow puppets!
^ Distracts people by seemingly offering his account while he secretly steals objects from their apartments.
^ Distracts people by seemingly offering his apartment (using a counterfeit deed and breaking into someone else's apartment) while he secretly steals money from their accounts.
^ frequently roams with his van, offering his account to children he meets on the street.
^ Thinks these activities by HMA should be classified as terrorism.
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^ As a covert operator, one of his prime assets keeps him apprised of HMA's activities.

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^ Is in charge of redacting all HMA-related documentation.
^ Once thought he needed to poop, but it was actually such a huge fart that it threw him into the bathtub.
^ finds fart jokes hilarious and is a huge fan of Terrence and Philip from Southpark.
^ He killed Kenny in Kilkenny, Ireland.
^ he magically revived Kenny, so I could kill him again, because it was so much fun the first time around.
^ You're a bastard!
^ Screw you guys; I'm going home!
^ on his way home ge gets lost in a dark wood full of horrible monsters.
^ He was almost devoured by the jabberwocky.