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^ Brings a stick to a knife fight.
^ comes unarmed to a battle of wits
^ Has ample ammunition for a battle of shits.
HMA carried out a covert operation to destroy the enemy's stockpile by flushing the toilet.
Was the janitor who had to clean up HMA's misdoings of flushing down multiple supplies that clogged up all the toilets.
^ is the recordkeeper who records how many times HMA flushes the toilet in his single visit to the bathroom or when he doesn't flush.
^ Doesn't have a modern 'water saving' toilet, so doesn't know what it's like to have to flush three times to 'save water'.
^ Should get the kind of toilet that is on an airplane.
^ When he's on his toilet he pretends that it's a plane, stretching out his arms and making propeller-driven engine sounds.
When he sits on a toilet he makes propeller sounds in a different way.
When HMA is on a plane, he makes toilet sounds.
^ uses a toilet that has a seat belt and he never forgets to fasten it when using the toilet.
^ Never forgets to take a dump while riding in a car.
^ after years of ceaseless pondering and experimenting, and many sleepless nights, he has finally found a solution to the age-old "over/under" debate about toilet paper: he has devised a roll that hangs right in the middle.
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