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^ bears a striking resemblance to HMA. Are you two related?
^ Just exposed Lords3's and HMA's plot to rule GOG together.
^ wishes to collect Hunter Biden's paintings, but he got outbid by some oligarch. So he plans to break into the oligarch's mansion and secure those paintings in his private collection for himself.
^ Prefers paintings of nudes, for... other reasons.
^Tried to steal those nude paintings, for... other reasons.
^ Paints in the nude.
^ Is a nude model for octopus magazines.
^ Recognised me from my centre spread in Nude Octopus Monthly. Must be an avid 'reader'.
^ He was featured on the centerfold as Octopussy of the month.
Post edited July 31, 2021 by Maenmeldir
^ Another vigorous 'reader'.
^ Found mainstream success by making a cameo appearance in Fellowship of the Ring.
^ Confuses borisburke with Maenmeldir.
HMA doesn't have a damn clue what "cameo" means.
Can fly.
^ enchanted