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le_Chevalier considers all Ice Age movies to be high art.
^ He is considerate and says "hi" to all Ice Age movie art.
^ He gets high before looking at Ice Age movie art.
^ He prefers to sit at a lower vantage point to ponder said artwork.
^Gets up, can't remember why, sits down again.
^ His many months of isolation are taking a toll on his psyche.
^ Plans to write a book: "1001 Hooyaah posts on GOG Forums."
tried to inject lego into his dnd fantasies
^ tried to inject DnD fantasies into his leg... OH !
^ Tried to inject gravy into his veins using a turkey baster.
^ Tried to inject a replacement child into the last remaining burglar, but she escaped.
^ Tried not to hurt anyone's foot, but people keep failing to see him when he's lying around on the floor.
^ Would prefer to french kiss my avatar than step on it.
^ Would rather Austrian hug than French kiss.
^ would rather have a Brazilian wax than a French wax