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^ I'm fairly certain that was his car that H.M.A. and I blew by on that portion of the A20 which has little traffic and no pedestrians.
^ stole USAAF's Douglas A-20 Havoc and landed on the Autobahn and parked there. He used his new ride's warload to clear the Autobahn of traffic and pedestrians.
^ He was too slow to capture the event on his phone so that he could upload the event to YouTube.
^ Livestreams insects having sex on YouTube.
^ Is easily fooled by insect costumes.
^ Cannot be fooled by insect costumes but becomes totally unhinged once he sees lizard people dressing up as humans.
low rated
^ Doesn't know that we're all lizard people
^ Has sent down-vote bots after himself to play the victim.
^ He programmed those bots.
^after he had tried to program them as shaggable-bots
^ Knows the dark secret of the bots (that they are in fact just Hooyaah making new accounts all day to downvote people).
^ Builds real robots and makes them sit at computers all day, downvoting people.
^wants to incite an uprising of the robots, so he can have them as his private army and rule as a tyrant over the forum.
^ He plans to "appropriate" said bots and conscript them for military service.
^ Has an alt account named Hookaah, with which he posts nothing but Keanu memes.