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^ Put the shoes on his head like the Iron Chef.
^ is a chef, well-known for his skills in cooking using iron.
^ Thinks that to get more iron in his diet he should chew on nails and such.
low rated
^ Knows that but still sells le_chevalier the nails and other iron objects anyways, further enabling him.
^ Irons le_chevalier's armor.
^ Evidently thinks that armor must be put on an ironing board and treated using an iron, just because it's made of iron, even though doing that would have little to no effect.

^ (Me) explain's obvious things.
^ is a blacksmith who uses an anvil to iron his battle armor.
^ Is wearing my most inferior armor right now.
^ Makes armor while mixing cake batter with chopsticks.
^ Doesn't understand how this game works.
^ Opened all of these links.
^ Linked a bunch of can openers.
^can't resist the urge to buy every single brand of can openers
^ thinks the grenade pin is a very convenient way to open a canister grenade, than using a can opener.