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^ likes to expose what employees do at work when the boss isn't around.
^ Likes to expose himself at work when the boss is around.
^ has watched Who's the Boss? 2000 times.
^ Thinks he's the boss, but he isn't.
^ Thinks he's not my servant, but he is.
^ Obeys nobody except for me.
^wants to feel powerful so they pretend someone obeys them when in reality no one really does
^ burns books for his source of energy.
^ buries corpses in his garden because it's quality plant food.
^ often sleeps inside his fridge.
^ Often eats inside of a sleeping bag.
low rated
^ Was the one who helped me get all the forum game's titles changed
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Drew uncensored nipples on all the cyberpunk fanart.
^ wears breastplate armor with erect nipples for decoration.
^ Wears shoes with curling toes like the Iron Sheik.