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^ was offered an account by HMA, but only took his avatar, not the rest of his account credentials. What's left of HMA's avatar is the skeleton of his former avatar.
^ Used an avatar from the movie Avatar, but decided it would look better with a few alterations, and then little by litle transformed it into a guy standing in front of the sun.
^copyrighted le-chevalier's avatar and made him change it into what it is now
^ Bears a striking resemblance to HeresMyAccount.
^ believes that Elon Musk was a Doge of Venice and that the Venetians use dogecoins for trading.
^ Is a member of the Green Eggs and Ham Lovers Society.
^ Prefers the Cat in the Hat.
^ loves the cat in the bag.
^ prefers the bird in the hand.
^ Prefers to kill two stones with one bird.
^ Created a giant bird statue made of stone and then brought it to life as a golem.
^ is quite furious because the bird-golem crapped on his car.
Post edited May 12, 2021 by MightyFloTheKing
^ wears a crown that shaped like hair.
^ Shapes his hair like a crown.
^likes to expose what people do in their free time