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^ Uses his staff to poke at enemies in order to annoy them into submission.
^ thinks NASA owns a robotic rover named Opportunist.
^ He pilots NASA's fifth Mars rover, Perseverance, remotely from an undisclosed location.
^ He pilots a tricycle.
^ uses this as his equipment of choice for gardening.
^ Has a triforce tattoo.
^ He has a Navy SEAL Team Six Eagle, Anchor, and Trident tattooed on his right bicep.
^ Leaves middle earth to visit the milfgaardian empire for vacations.
^ once got arrested tried robbing the Forbidden City, admitting to the authorities that he didn't know doing such thing was forbidden.
^ He got lost in the lost city.
Was fake-strangled by Vader too many times.
^ Was legit strangled by Princess Leia using a chain.
^ Refused to take a sip and was not granted the rank of Master by the Jedi Council.
^ Got yelled at by me when i was angry about not being granted the rank of Master. "What kind of nonsense is this, put me on the council and not make me a master? That's never been done in the history of the Jedi. It's insulting!"
^ Played Jedi Knight and tried to maximize both the good and evil choices simultaneously.