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^ practiced Aikido under the guidance of Steven Seagal
^ is very skilled at inverted landing.
^ He is an air traffic controller.
^ has someone's golf ball stuck at the end of his magic staff. The golfer tried repeatedly to strike the ball away but this wizard made the golfer's life a hell.
He's a human plagued with magnetism.
^ Is a cousin of Captain Kirk.
^ He is the grandson of Ernest Borgnine and he married Jeri Ryan, so now she is "Seven of Borgnine."
^ thinks "Anaconda" is a song about snakes
^ wakes up to pee at night
^ Has a pee tin under the bed.
^ Sleeps in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bedsheets
^ sleeps with a supermodel nightly
^ his carpet matches his drapes, hence his nickname.
^ never leaves home without reciting a short apotropaic formula of his own devising
^ Wears pink and purple undies.