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^ Is fun at parties and as a witness in court.
^ He is adored by women and is unaware of this fact.
^ Is head of the student council and wants to have every Thursday be a funky music party
^ Prefers funk music over zydeco.
Wears platform shoes and bell-bottom trousers, with a (half unbuttoned) pink shirt, neck medallion and blonde fuzzy wig to complete his Saturday party outfit...
^ Hacked my webcam.
^ Hacked my coffee table to pieces!
^ hacked .Kaby's acc
^ hacked into Facebook's server and stole users' personal data that was about to be sold by Facebook to companies, which he then sold to companies for slightly cheaper price.
^ Bought the information and used it to make a homemade phone book.
Uses said phone book as a step-up, as height challenges forbid him access to top shelf reading material...
^ Gave me a ladder so that I wouldn't have to worry about that anymore.
He didn't really need that ladder
^ Fran67 gave HeresMyAccount some Old Spice Cologne which was hiding behind the old and unused phone books.
^ Considers telephones a fad and prefers sending telegrams.