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^ He appeared before a grand jury.
Magically appeared, dressed in grand jewellery...
participates in grand foolery
^ Is a professional jester, but is always mistaken for a clown.
^ One of the yellow jester's puppets.
^ He engages in raucous tomfoolery.
^ has a dog he named Lieutenant Colonel. One day the dog bit a guest visiting his house. From then on he called his dog just Lieutenant.
^ His military dog is a sergeant and a bully whose privates take a licking regularly.
^ Is constantly licking balls, because he's superstitious and he insists that it pitches better when the baseball is wet.
Suck balls!, using an extremely large industrial hoover (vacuum cleaner), to stop them taking over. As no one wants this place to become a load of balls now, do we ?...
^ has some paranoid tendencies after working as a ball boy.
^ As a professional golfer, before a big tournament, for good luck his wife kisses his balls and straightens his putter.
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^ Probably been detained at horny jail a handful of times.
^ makes hats with holes for horns.
^ He is in need of a new pair of shoes.