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^ Keeps a huge stack of blocks of cheese and is prepared to cut any of it at any time.
^ doesn't make pizzas stuffed with cheese crust, but makes a huge cuts of porous Swiss cheese and stuffs the holes with pizza bread.
can eat a hole Swiss cheese topped stuffed crust pizza in one sitting...
^ Puts chocolate on everything he eats.
^ eats everything that is brown
^ Is brown...
^ peeped through my bedroom window to discover the color of my fur
^ Has been targeted for a blood-splattering by Peta.
^Jumped for joy when Aeris ****spoiler****!
Banned, for disrespecting a moggy
Once got struck by lighting while singing in the rain and twirling his staff.
^ Holds all his batteries up during thunderstorms in hope that they will recharge
^ Is a trained electrician.
^ is an untrained electrician
^ Is an unlicensed practicing psychologist.