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^ Is a learned scholar specialising in the study of the making and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
^ He knows how fickle out mistress yeast can be.
^ created a new app for a specific "activity", called YouToobin.
^ helped sponsor his app
^ He was the first to download and use the app in question.
^ He got confused and downloaded an appliance (I think it was a refrigerator).
HMA knows that's a possibility because he invented a micro-refrigerator that you can fit into a phone and place it on top of a single food item to keep it cold.
^ Uses a tinfoil hat to keep his food cool.
^ Wears two tin foil hats, and more importantly a tin foil breastplate for protecting one's exposed nipple areolas.
^ Thinks permadeath can be fun.
^ He has scheduled an appointment for Tuesday of next week with Dr_Adder to see if permadeath is actually fun.
Hooyaah is going to drive HMA to this appointment, and celebrate his increase in free time by going to Disneyland to vandalize Galaxy's Edge with impunity.
^ He's going to try to stop Hooyaah, because he's one of the Guardians of the Galaxy in disguise.
Honestly, HMA, that you might not know the difference between a Marvel team and the Star Wars branch of Disneyland brings joy to my heart. I bet you think Disney has already produced a Star Wars/Marvel cross-over featuring space-pirate versions of the Disney Princesses.
Banned for describing Kingdom Hearts.