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^ Keeps telling everyone it's a hamster, when it's obviously a red-dragon centipede and leaving a smear of cyanide in its wake.
^ His puppy poops antimatter.
^ knows this because he stepped in it.
^Knows this from picking up the anti-poop and bringing it to his nose and sniffing very closely, before promptly dropping it back to the ground.
Dr Adder secretly records videos of people sniffing exotic poops and keeps them in his basement.
Dr Adder secretly recording videos of people sniffing exotic poops and keeping them in his basement is just another one of MichaelD.965's many conspiracy theories he can't wait to share to the world.
^ Is really from Hull.
^ Doesn't know it but is really Vingry's neighbor.
^ lived in Vingry's house, in the attic until an exorcist was invited.

borisburke: ^ Is really from Hull.
^ made a hole in a ship's hull and lives rent-free in it.
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Was the exorcist's husband and is quite happy that she went missing since the attempted exorcism. Is now Montresor's roommate.
^ Thinks the exorcist was a woman, but he was a priest. MFTK hasn't seen the movie.
^ He is very popular with the ladies.
^ Holds a stuffed toy at night.
^ He finally lets go of it after I tug on it for long enough; his therapist asked me to help him by putting his prized pink plushie away at night, but he has still been experiencing separation anxiety.
^ Once stepped on a big spider and lots of little baby spiders came out.