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^ Baby blue is his favorite color.
^ his favorite color is Colorado.
^ His favorite metal is Silverado.
^ Drinks his coffee with a fork
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^ Eats slabs of fudge with a straw.
^hides fudge under his straw hat.
^ turned his metal straw into a blowgun and goes hunting with it.
^ He offers "ride by" body piercing.
^ made El Dorado, the city of gold, lost all of its gold in order to protect it from raiders, treasure-hunters.
^ Keeps his gold in the same room where Scrooge McDuck keeps his, and they swim in it together.
^ He intends to shock we forumites one day with a new avatar.
^ is curious about what image the future buyer of HeresMyAccount's account will use for their avatar.
^Put the cookie in the cookie dough.
^ He put the asses in assassin.
^ Cereal killer, he just killed Tony the Tiger and now hunting down Cap'n Crunch.