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^^ Thinks just because it tastes like chicken it MUST be chicken
^ He has seen what could be described as a ghost.
^^ Is the spotted ghost
^ He wore a polka dotted sheet last Halloween and thereby became "the spotted ghost."
^^ Is known as the Polka Dancing Ghost when summoned, because of his acts and humming
^ Confuses people with Weird Al.
^ He confuses Weird Al with people.
^^ Wears a tinfoil hat, in fear weitd AI might control his brain
^ Wears uranium gloves, in fear that Yahoo Serious might control his pinky.
^ He used to be serious about Yahoo.
He won't launch fireworks during the Olympics in Japan
^ Tried to extinguish the Olympic Flame on its travel with a thrown bucket of water
^ He filled the bottom of said bucket with holes.
Still, he got his very own, very personal cheerleader, to take care of his crusty old staff...
^ He has no notion regarding my long, hard staff and that it's is only a bit crusty the morning after...