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^ He offered me $3.00 (U.S) for my copy of the game.
^ He would have accepted the offer 120 years ago, but the dollar isn't that sound anymore.
^ He hasn't opened that last case of schnapps that I sent, or he'd have found a good copy of E.T. and an Atari 2600 as well.
^ Has had it with these mfing vandals destroying mfing booze boxes on his mfing friend's porch!
^ Likes to mf mfers using mfesque methods. Also, his mouth is duct-taped shut, which might be why he mumbles so much.
^ When he imbibes a tad too much, he spills the beans in Queens.
^ is a Blizzard-tossing, flossing rhyming Wizard with perfect timing.
^ Is a cookie-tossing, marble-losing bulimic lunatic.
^ Is too lazy to change his user title but dares to criticise other users.
^ He knows that HeresMyAccount simply doesn't know how to find his settings page to change his user title.
^ Severely overestimates my desire to do things, and underestimates my laziness.
I forgot what I was going to say, this is a placeholder for later.
JacobSlatter: I forgot what I was going to say, this is a placeholder for later.
You lazy bastard had ChatGPT write that for you!
^ He gets his best material IRL from IRC.
Is fond of immaterial girls.
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