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^ He knows what happened to Michael Jackson's missing glove.
^ knows Billie Jean's son's real father.
^ Gave up the round table for a square one.
^ He was told to sit at the far left corner of the round table.
^ He was told to squat above the toilet and smile at the camera while using it.
^ worked for a time for "El Pollo Loco" as one of those guys wearing a chicken costume. He was so good at it, people often mistook him for a real chicken.
^ He knows that "baseless allegation" because he asked the manager of El Pollo Loco to bread HeresMyAccount and fry him up
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Banned for not realizing that I'm actually Gus Fring, and I wouldn't want to be in your shoes now.
^ He didn't know that this was not the "Why the person above you should be banned" thread.
^ He's absolutely correct, and somehow I got confused, because it had been a long day.
^ He doesn't know that I am not trying to admonish him and I am just pleased that my rather inane thread got one final post.
^ He believes that it will somehow end now, even though it has the potential to keep going for a long time.
^Was very inaccurate with the ending half of that assessment
^ He does not fully understand the concept of a "baseless allegation."
^Is a baseless alligator