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^ He is Robert J. O'Neill.
^ He enjoys a bit of Cyberpunk 2077 every once in a while.
^ Is a cyborg and a punk.

Hooyaah: ^ He wants the government to know less about him while he knows more about the government.
^ Is correct.
^ Is a modder and switched Johnny Silverhands model with GG Allin.
^ Switched the Combine soldiers in Half-Life 2 with cute girls in maid outfits.
^ Wishes he were a cute girl in a maid outfit.

InSaintMonoxide: ^ Is a modder and switched Johnny Silverhands model with GG Allin.
^ Has mentioned GG Allin several times, and may possibly be an even bigger fan of him than I am.
^ He is one of my favorite posters in this thread; easily top five.
^ He was able to link the murder of Murat Nasyrov to the government of the People's Republic of China. He did not disclose the information to the public though to prevent an incident from occuring.
^ He linked OJ's death to too much orange juice.
^ He linked O.J.'s death to his wearing gloves which were too tight.
^ Helped O.J. Simpson put a scarf around his neck which may or may not have been too tight.
^ Now that's a "baseless allegation!"
^ Helped remove all the wheels on the Batmobile so that the Joker could get away
During History class in High School, he was sent to the School Administrator's office for mispronouncing the city of "Fukushima."
^ Wrote an abridged version of the Iliad, consisting only of the most brutal death scenes. Unfortunately, that makes the book only 2 pages shorter.