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^ watches through a window
^ is Sting (singer) and likes to sing "I'll Be Watching You"
^ Seduces women in medieval latin.
^ Seduces rats with a flute.

InSaintMonoxide: ^ Uses Atari 2600 controllers for lewd purposes.
Well they are called joy sticks, after all.
^ His joystick is... "sticky."
^Cleaned the bad sticky rubber on many joystick with alcohol to make them smooth again.
^ Cleaned the inside of his stomach with alcohol.
^ He has a home without windows. Because, if Windows is not acceptable on his PC, then it's it's unacceptable for his domicile.
^ has a home with Linux.
^ He has a friend named Linus and a home with Sally and Snoopy.
^ is Charlie Brown and he knows The Great Pumpkin.
His car run out of gas, because he could not find the Start button to turn it off.
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^ Could not find Windows Start button on any Windows OS.
^Knows that I don't have to, since I am an keyboard user and press the [Windows] key (or [Ctrl] + [Esc] on very old keyboards which don't have the key), so the menu will pop up no matter where the button was hidden.
^ He is, obviously, without fault and above reproach.