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^ He's a "real trooper" when it comes to his reaction subsequent to being ninjaed.
^ recently promoted to rear admiral, given the command of the rearguard, and tasked to cover the General Retreat back to the defensive line.
^Plays so much Stratego they dream about bombs and spies in their sleep.

Aside: We should rename this thread "The Modern MSM Game"...what do y'all think?
Or is that in poor taste? o.0
^ He may get plus points for for creative thinking.
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^ hijacked a container of plus points.
KiNgBrAdLeY7: Never bows before their emperor, but always bows in order to greet his friends.
Could become a millionaire fa st, if he set-up an international, bride-mailing company! Or help me retrieve my treasure, by pledging sword and arm under my command...
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^ stole a lot of zeroes from someone's bank account with ninja skills.
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Is a bot detector by trade, and a robot in their spare time...
^ has Robophobia, ever since he watched the Terminator movies.
Knows Sarah O'Connor personally, and will be back...
Prefers Dragon Age 2 to Baldur's Gate 2.
Has never played GTA San Andreas.
KiNgBrAdLeY7: Has never played GTA San Andreas.
Above user uses serious visual symbols and is probably not part of the illuminati
Above user has never paid any attention to the forums, before; I am with Anti-NWO and with the KILLUMINATI.

Also, above user isn't well versed in symbolology and occult lore; the all seeing eye, the pyramid, the black sun, outdate the poor sobs gathered by that impostor Weishaupt, by millenia!
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^ once held a baby under arrest for indecent exposure while said baby was getting a diaper change.