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Since GoG doesn't actually have a way to search for point and click games (unless I missed it) I was wondering if any of you guys got some recommendations?

Here's what I have already played:

The Monkey Island Series.
The Broken Sword Series.
Gabriel Knight: Sins of Fathers.
The Deponia Series.
Fran Bow.
Unwritten Tales 1&2
Life is Strange.
Simon the Sorcerer 1
Edna & Harvey.
Nancy Drew Series.

These are I know about, but not sure if they are worth it: (could use input here from you guys)

Simon the Sorcerer 2.
Gimini Rue.
Black Mirror 1&3.
The Blackwell Series.
Syberia 1&2
Indiana Jones Atlantis.
Sam and Max hit the road.

These I got no interest in:

The Space Quests Series.
The Quest for Glory series.
I have No Mouth and I must Scream.

So any good point and click left or have I done them all, lol? Doesn't have to be on GoG and it doesn't have to be the old classic point and click games, it can be a modern one as well, just as long as its actually good.
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Wadjeteye games adventures are pretty good. I especially like Primordia, Gemini rue, Technobabylon, Resonance and Shardlight which all have excellent puzzles that are challenging but never unfair. I liked the Blackwell series and A golden wake somewhat less (puzzles weren't quite as good and/or story didn't do that much for me), but they're very good games too.
Kathy Rain is also enjoyable, if maybe a bit too easy.

EDIT: About the games you asked about:

Loom: pretty short, has unique gameplay mechanics (music-based spells). I'd say it's worth it, but maybe wait for a sale.
The Dig: I tried it, but found it excessively difficult, with logic puzzles I didn't enjoy. I wouldn't recommend it.
Gemini rue: Fun game, very enjoyable. Puzzles are a bit simple, but still good. Graphics may be an issue for some (they're fairly pixelated), also it has some minigame shootout sections which might be annoying for some players. But definitely recommended.
Blackwell series: Good, but doesn't have that many puzzles based on item combinations (especially the earlier games); I also didn't enjoy the story that much (mystery nonsense imo). But definitely worth playing.
Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis: excellent game. I find many of the old Lucasarts adventures to be overrated, but this one is really great even today, puzzles are logical, and perfectly catches the atmosphere of the movies.
Sam and Max hit the road: Fun, but one of those games where you'll probably need to use a walkthrough because solutions to puzzles can be rather obscure.

EDIT 2: Personally I also like the old Star Trek games Star Trek: 25th anniversary and Star Trek: Judgment rites quite a lot, they're good adventures. But it probably helps if one knows the original Star Trek series and likes it at least a little bit.
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The Blackwell Series is fantastic. Go for it.

I also enjoyed The Black Mirror series.
Of the ones you listed, play Indiana Jones and Sam and Max Hit the Road first.

Loom and The Dig are somewhat flawed but still very good.

Gemini Rue and the Blackwell series are fine.

Can't speak to the rest, but I've heard nice things about Memoria and the Simon the Sorcerer games.
You need more Lucas Arts games in your life or you forgot to write some titles? Monkey Island series and Grim Fandango are the higher on the pinnacle. I would lke to recommend you tons of games but first, please, answer to this: Have you ever played Monkey Island or Grim Fandango?

On gog filters try Adventure. The most of them are suppossed to be point and click.. well graphical adventures.

Loom. Pretty good game! you need paper and pencil for this one. It's should be longer (3 games separately) but it was canceled

Dig. Are you meaning, the dig? is great! like 2nd season of lost but in the space.

Syberia 1&2 well.... you said that you played stasis. I used to define my experience with stasis like a mix between Sanitarium, Syberia and the Dig. Too many tech artifacts and text but great and different to the standard. Syberia has no high tech but other interesting tech ^^ and tons of text. I would like to play it again and then try syberia 2. I've beat Syberia at the 2006 but never tried the sequel and now I don't remember the whole story.

Gimini Rue. I've tried it sometime. Just a bit. Cyberpunk 2d point and click.. nothing can goes wrong there.. Cool but you can wait for try this one.

Indiana Jones Atlantis. Lucas Arts seal of Quality
Sam and Max hit the road. Lucas Arts seal of Quality
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Wistala: These are I know about, but not sure if they are worth it: (could use input here from you guys)

Simon the Sorcerer 2.
The Blackwell Series.
Indiana Jones Atlantis.
Sam and Max hit the road.
Get those. Seriously.

Also to consider:

The Cat Lady
Day of the Tentacle
Grim Fandango (as others have mentioned)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (hard!)
Edna and Harvey (both)
Gray Matter (if you liked Gabriel Knight)
The Longest Journey/Dreamfall
If you at all enjoyed Simon 1, you should definitely think about Simon the Sorcerer 2: bigger, better, funnier. Especially some of the "career" changes of certain characters are quite humorous in the sequel.

I would definitely recommend Gemini Rue. Even though this is one of Wadjet's earlier games, its story, characters, and setting is still my favorite of their catalog. Technobabylon is pretty close behind that. I enjoyed the Blackwell series, but interestingly enough I found their collaborative projects overall more engrossing.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is an absolute must. Personally, this is my favorite of all of LucasArts's early '90s adventure games. It doesn't feature "hare"-brained illogic puzzles like Sam & Max, which is a good game in its own right, but some parts just make you want to bang your head against the desk.

Space Quest I can't recommend, personally. There's just too much trial & error in most of the games to be fun with possibility of actually getting stuck without certain items or wrong order of events. I like the humor and silliness of it all, but I found the gameplay not so stellar.

Quest for Glory seems to be highly regarded and not suffering from the mistakes other Sierra adventure games made. That said, I still have to play these myself as the collection is still sitting in my back log. One of these days. Heh.

Games not listed I highly recommend: Anna's Quest and The Night of the Rabbit. I played a lot of Daedalic's adventures and these are by far my favorites with their stories, settings, and presentation. The gameplay isn't shabby either. As much as I enjoyed King Art's BoUT games, I actually found that I liked The Raven even more, which also has to do with its great story, setting, and presentation. To me, it had one of the best opening intros of any adventure game I've played. It just really sets the mood for its intriguing mystery setting.
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I think Gemini Rue is absolutely wonderful.

Adventure game veterans say the puzzles are on the easy side, which I definitely don't dispute, but if you are like me and find a lot of adventure games to run on moon logic far too often, I think it's perfect. The story is really the main attraction, and here it's mostly pretty grounded on reality and more personal, with twists and turns that managed to both surprise me and feel completely earned in hindsight.

Primordia is another game also by Wadjet Eye that I would rate very highly. It's certainly more puzzle focused and difficult than Gemini Rue, but not to the point of being a detriment, plus it has the nice feature of a few of its puzzles being able to be solved in multiple ways. The story is once again a highlight. Not quite as good as Gemini Rue I'd say, due in part to a bad case of "annoying comic relief sidekick", but it deals in grander themes, and especially its blend of Sci-Fi with religious commentary were very interesting.

I see you also have The Blackwell Series in your list, it's another Wadjet Eye game, this one I haven't played, but in general from my experience with the company is that all their games are pretty solid and worthwhile adventure games, that despite their low production values they always manage to impress, particularly how they always go out of their way to try and voice act the whole script. Plus they routinely go on sale for 75% off or more.

On a different note, if you liked the "very light on puzzles, bordering on cinematic visual novel" style of Life is Strange, I couldn't recommend more its progenitor: Telltale's The Walking Dead. I cried at the end of the first season, it really tugged at my heart strings. You should just think whether or not you'll play just the first season or more. It's the same thing that happens with TV shows, the first season is pretty much self-contained with a great story, you could stop right there and be satisfied, but if you continue with the second season then it will never end so neatly again before the series finale and you'll have to stick with it from season to season. In terms of quality the second season was very good, it just wasn't amazing like the first, and now there's a third season coming that I don't know what to think of. Don't get me wrong: play The Walking Dead Season One, 100%, no doubt about it, you just have to decide if you'll stop there.
nicohvc: You need more Lucas Arts games in your life or you forgot to write some titles? Monkey Island series and Grim Fandango are the higher on the pinnacle. I would lke to recommend you tons of games but first, please, answer to this: Have you ever played Monkey Island or Grim Fandango?
Pretty sure Monkey Island is on the list :P So that's a yes.

Nice recommendations so far guys. Many opinions as well as variety, might be a bit hard deciding which one to do next xD
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DaCostaBR: Life is Strange
It may not be for everyone, but I certainly loved that game. It had a great and, well, also kind of fucked up story. I was also pretty amazed by how good a job they did of the Oregon coast setting as it does feel very authentic, and, while there are detractors of its art style, I think it works very well for the game. To me, this is a much better "cinematic" adventure than any of TellTale's efforts, whose quality has steadily been going downhill as they go. TWD S1 was definitely their high point.
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I've played most of those games you've listed.
I also highly recommend the Blackwell series, it is fantastic.
Toonstruck !!!! <3 <3 <3

Also, The Shivah is a brilliant but short adventure game.


Just noticed that "Doesn't have to be on GoG" part...
So a couple of more:

Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths

A Vampyre Story

Neither is on GOG, but you can get them DRM-free from DotEmu.
Both are nice comedy adventures, neither is a brightest star of the genre, but both are good enough to be recommended.
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I'm not into point-and-click games all that much, but I liked the humour of <span class="bold">Sam &amp; Max Hit the Road</span> and the great and twisted journey that was <span class="bold">Sanitarium</span>.
Enter "Point-and-click" (exactly as shown, minus the quotation marks) into the search box on the games page. You'll get 4 pages of games, such as:

the Zork games.

The Last Door 1 & 2.

All 3 Dark Fall games.


Puzzle Agent 1 & 2.

The 11th Hour.

The Journeyman Project games.
Alright, so far I can see from people's post. Blackwell, Indiana Jones, and Gimini Rue, seems to be the games that most people like. While Resonance, Shardlight, and Gray Matter, seems interesting out of the games suggested. I did a google search one them and only those 3 really seemed interesting.