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Thanks for signing me up, ZFR!
JoeSapphire: Players: (let's aim for twelve, and if more people are interested it's easy to have more)
Just add everyone who's in trent's game but missing here and start.
Eh, I guess I can pull the trigger every time I have a minute free (all three of them next week; that should be enough to win the game for my team, right?)
trentonlf: I use my Tommy Gun and shoot everyone, I win :)
Too bad. My death triggered my orbital railgun. You're dead too.
I've not had confirmation from vitek, pook or gym yet...

the way I see it we can play it three ways:

start now without them
start now with them
give them the evening to respond

anybody got a preference?
Start now with them. Shoot them first. That'll teach them being lazy with signing up on mafia games.
ah russian roulette is such a good game I'm glad we're doing this!
Perhaps start with distributing the alignments? Perhaps that will wake the tardy ones. If not, our bullets will.
Lifthrasil: Perhaps start with distributing the alignments? Perhaps that will wake the tardy ones. If not, our bullets will.
Yeah, give them a couple of hours maybe and start with them.

There is an in-game mechanic of dealing with absent people.
Bulletslap ZFR
low rated
Bookwyrm627: Weekend is going to be prohibitively busy, even for this.
Just shunt spam cleanup duties to BK and Pain for a few days...i'm sure they'll be okay with it. :)

Or perhaps set the auto-spam-be-gone-in-a-tor to 11? :D


Also to OP: Gym "PMd me" to say he's in. ;)
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What the heck, why not? I'm IN.

Can I start shooting Trent already? I take issue with being thoroughly fooled.

(Now excuse me while I go read a previous game to better understand the rules)
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Alright I'll start sending the roles out in a mo. Get ready!
Well, as it's a pretend game,it is pretend isn't it? Buggar!

1. The moderator for the game is JoeSapphire

2. This game has 14 players total: 3 Mafia (with a scumchat) and 11 vanilla town.

3. All players may attempt shoot the gun at any player of their choice (including themselves), as long as there are shots remaining in the gun (6 total shots and 1 live round per reload). Only living players are valid targets.

4. Players may attempt to shoot the gun additional times only after all other players have fired an equal number of shots.

5. Shots will be queued up as necessary, but moderators will resolve any shots as quickly as possible.

6. After a successful shot, the gun will be reloaded and any shots remaining in the queue will be removed.

7. Please remember to bold your shots like this: Shoot Telika.

8. All shot attempts are final, and may not be 'unshot'. Choose targets wisely.

9. Hard "Day" endings will be posted in thread after each death. If there hasn't been a death by this deadline, a player who hasn't attempted to fire the gun (or who has the least attempts) will be chosen at random to die.

10. When you are dead, you are dead - stop posting. People get dead very quickly in this game, so be prepared for that. We can accept a single post acknowledging your death, that doesn't give any game information to the living players. Something like 'oh boobs', for example.

11. Don't edit your posts! This is very important! Editing a post is grounds for being modkilled. Do not double post. Two consecutive posts of the same user in a short time frame will merge, creating the appearance of an edited post. The time limit after which you can post without fear of auto-editing is 10 minutes.

12. Please bold any requests or questions to the moderator.

13. Do not discuss the game with anyone outside the thread, unless your role indicates that you may.

14. Do not quote or paraphrase too closely any PMs you receive from a moderator.

15. If you can no longer participate in the game or expect to be absent for an extended period, let me know and we can work something out or I can try to find a replacement.

16. All players on the winning team win, even if they are dead. Players who are modkilled or has replaced out will automatically lose the game.

17. Roles have been randomly assigned.

18. As this is a 'Nightless' game, the game thread and scumchat will be open 24/7.

19. Remember it’s just a game. Be polite and remain calm.


Joe is very excited for the party. He takes the clingfilm off a cardboard tray of vol au vents and adds a few tracks to the playlist. He goes to walk away, but has a thought, and puts a track on to play.
CURRENTLY PLAYING: You Don’t Care About Us, Placebo
Then Joe nips across to the cupboard to and takes hold of two enormous bags of crisps. Suddenly he freezes. Did he hear someone talking over the sound of rustling crisp packets?
Yes! Someone’s talking behind that door. No-one’s supposed to be here yet. Who could it be?

“Have you done it, Bookwyrm628?”
“Oh yes indeed, I have successfully substituted the toy game gun with a real revolver. Did you achieve your task JoeZaffire?”
“My duties are completed, brothers. I have replaced the funnyfoam bullets with truly dangerous bullets. Is your task accomplished, SirDerivativeshape?”
“With great competence have I prepared our false identities and made certain the true GoGgers whose names we are using will not be present. Our plan shall surely follow through as was foretold.”

The three characters behind the door laugh manically.


“Oh, boobs!” Joe whispers to himself, looking around for something, anything that will help.

“Hush, my fellows. Did you hear the sound of rustling food packaging?”
“Let us displace the door that bars our way and discover the unwelcome listener beyond.”
“Agreed, and once so unveiled I shall remove the prospective danger by shooting whoever we espy.”

Joe was alarmed. The door was thrown aside and the figures beyond shot Joe dead, bundled his body in a blanket and hid him in a cupboard.

Oh no!
Soon the other party guests will be arriving, and when they join together to play Russian Roulette they will indeliberately shoot one another to death! Their only chance is to shoot the false players before they are all killed themselves. Surely with their plan foiled they will confess all with their final breath and the survivors will be saved. Perhaps they will even manage to give vital first aid to their fallen comrades and save everybody!

Here they come! They’re all going to arrive saying things like ‘Woohoo! Party at Joe’s’ and ‘Drinks provided? Joe’s the best!’ and then once they’ve said stuff like that for a short while the gun will be brought out and the horror will truly begin!