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Great catch. The Henmaster in me is excited.
SirPrimalform: Aha, a fake Harvest Moon game.

This is the new name for the series that was called Harvest Moon:
The new games being released under the Harvest Moon name aren't actually anything to do with Bokujo Monogatari.
yes it's not the same developer and is just using the name, but Natsume being in charge of it instead is probably the only reason it's coming out for the pc and mobile instead of a handheld exclusive.
auroraparadox: I'm looking for a Harvest Moon type game for PC. Preferably one that is complete or nearly so.

The only three I know of are World's Dawn, Stardew Valley, and Wild Season.

Are there any other games of this type out there?

Thank you in advance for your input.
Stardew Valley seems really nice. I asked the developer a while back about a GOG release when the game is ready, and they didn't seem opposed to it. Here's hoping it will show up here eventually.
A Kickstarter has been launched for World’s Dawn one of the Harvest Moon style games I mentioned.

The kickstarter will finance an upgrade of all character portraits, an original soundtrack, and a detailed QA Process.

Currently 75% of the game is available. This includes the Spring, Summer, and Autumn seasons.

I have played the game for at least 30 hours and game dialogue is very well written. The characters have more depth in my opinion than they did in Harvest Moon.

Please contribute to this project as we have so few Harvest Moon style games for PC.
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Does the Sunsong Ranch from World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria count? :P

Ah, the memories from playing Harvest Moon... I think the one I played the most was Friends of Mineral Town.
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I've been wanting to try a game that was released a while back on PSN. PS1 game called 'Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon'

Looks promising, but the reviews are mixed on it. Azure Dreams was a fun PS1 game I played way back when. Not exactly Harvest Moon gameplay, but it did have some neat features. A bit Pokemon-ey, but the monsters were cool and unique. Able to use 2 monsters at once in the dungeon after you got a second summoning collar.

Console or emulation is probably your best bet for Harvest Moon-like games. I've been searching for a few good ones too.