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I've started to put together a list of all the 32bit games which benefit from the "Large Address Aware" (LAA) flag in Wine. Basically the LAA flag tells the game that it can use more than 2GB and up to 4GB.

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How does this help 32bit games in Wine?

From my tests, many games on Wine use a larger amount of Virtual Memory than on Windows and after prolonged usage they hit the 4GB limit and ultimately crash. Furthermore some games even hit this limit just after a few minutes rendering it unplayable. It is also worth noting that Windows is not immune to this, even though natively, some games require the patch just the same.

How to check how much Virtual Memory a process is using?

Open up your system monitor while (or before) a program is running and it will be reported for each process in use. In some Desktop environment's it's displayed differently but the values are the same.

How do I patch the game to enable the Large Address Aware flag?

First you need to get the program which can be found on this techpowerup thread, For safety I've also updated a copy of the files on my google drive.

Then you unzip it in your Wine prefix (requires the Mono package installed) > Run the program and browse to the game's exe file > tick the checkbox and hit the large 'Save' button and you're done. Now run the game and you should notice the Virtual Memory usage is much less than before. Note: This method may not apply to all games, especially older ones (may not need it anyway).

How Can I help?

You can do this by patching and testing games not on the list and reporting them here. The games may be added regardless of source or store (Steam, GOG, Disc...etc). It's important to make sure the game is 32bit, 64bit exe's are not affected by this.

A typical report can be done in just 3 lines - Game name, Source and game behavior.

The List of games can be found at the following Link:
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