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Since my birthday came and went and now I am waxing nostalgic, I felt going back to my old style of let's plays(PC games) might be fun. :)

With that said, the first game will be System Shock 1(enhanced as it adds some nice newish features) & I will be both commenting on the game itself(plot/levels) & roleplaying as I go along to some extent(most RP will be in italics or bold). If anyone wants to chime in their thoughts on the game/the posts I make/etc they are welcome to do so, as I often like to converse with likeminded "kindred spirits" who share similar tastes.
(Warning: Spoilers will come up from time to time. If you have not played the game yet and don't want to be spoiled either don't read this thread or avoid the spoiler tagged text which is where most of the major spoilers will be.)

To start off, I started on lvl 2 difficulty for all but cyberspace(as that bit is a bit tough and disorienting for most people and I mainly wanted to enjoy myself, *Spoiler* and actually be able to beat the the game's ending is in cyberspace & ramping down that difficulty slider is a must for some *end spoiler*)

I must say, the new settings(like key remapping with almost any key, windowed play, modding ability, better graphics choices, etc) of the enhanced version are a plus(even if some were in the portable fanmade version first), and I am loving being back on citadel station.


"Looking around at the wonderful architecture(like the windows looking onto empty space hidden away in maintenance corridors, the random radioactive flooring, making the room with toxic waste need to be crawled to get into, floor panels that suddenly lower and function as lifts, and the like) one cannot have anything but the deepest respect for whoever designed the place.

Also kudos to whoever thought putting the main hospital away from the middle of the station and close to the reactor level was a good thing."

As for me, I am happily dissolving bodies and trash via the sparq beam(gotten on a body in the medical rooms near the armory or the maintenance rooms near same medical rooms)...gotta keep a clean station am i right? I mark rooms on the map for when shodan isn't being so orwellian on the level(i.e. little to no level security).

*End Spoilers*

Will post more thoughts/posts as I play currently replaying through level 1.

Aside: I see Nightdive enhanced the game but couldn't be bothered to fix that ONE DOOR on level 1 near the guys and gals know the one(the one near the armory). It keeps opening and closing after being opened and annoys me to no end same as every time I have played it.

Side question: What is your favorite level/mission-quest/enemy/weapon and why? Ditto on your least favorites.
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That Door is supposed to do that it's supposed to keep opening and closing
fr33kSh0w2012: That Door is supposed to do that it's supposed to keep opening and closing
even remembering that door still gives me the creeps.
fr33kSh0w2012: That Door is supposed to do that it's supposed to keep opening and closing
It is? I always thought it was a glitch.

If it is it's one annoying game "feature" to be sure.....
Post#2 On tilt-a-hurl cyberspace gameplay and science-y things

"Well I finished cyberspace, and now I feel like I am gonna hurl....but those wery intelligent citadel engineers and designers must know best. I mean, who doesn't want to risk a bout of motion sickness to interact with some computer functions? Keyboards and mice and even walking around style VR is soooo last decade."


Now onto the next level: SciencePonics(as I call it)

*Hacker enters level 2 and gets mobbed by zombies/mutants and has to reload....bad end*

Naw, i'm not that dumb anymore.....I know full well to save before hitting that elevator button and prepping the best weapon I can.

Also protip: The shield plugin lvl1 is in a room 2 rooms or so directly south(via a few halls) from the room you start the level in, behind a bluish door and some barrels[warning: room has high radiation so get in and out quick]. Also, the pistol is in the armory(in one of the boxes) which is the room se of the starting room.

*End spoilers*

Aside: Anyone else collect the heads in their inventory and other assorted debris and such they could pick up?

(As I explore the new level i'll add more quips, musings, etc here)
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Post 3-On Reactors and shields and how I learned to fear pointy blue robots


Welp now on the reactor level...could've done as me mum said and joined the maintenance team early on, but nooooo......I had to be a radical rad tech first off. Oh look, some cutesy blue robots.....why are they aiming at m...oh shi-

This level is one I like and also dislike, due to the rampant overabundance of those pesky blue robots that can kill you quickly without shields gotten on lvl 2 and a good gun/steady aim...and the equally pesky and hard to spot(sometimes) bomb bots.

Oh well, I always wanted some new pets....that shoot at me and also try to blow me up, depending on temprament

*End spoilers*

Protips: Save early, save often....especially on this level.

Now on to play it a bit before bed/eating...will update this post or add a new one later tomorrow.
Post 4-Radiation sickness and you

Welp I finished what I could of Level R(spoilers on why It can't be finished now below), and I must say I LOVE the architecture....more wonderful placement of radioactive barrels and even rooms with multiple levels and paths that twist and turn in on each other. Fun times.



To make this level easier try hitting the room down the east(your right) hall after leaving the elevator, but be careful of bomb bots and blue bots, which both do massive damage. In that room is a healing chamber, an armory(needs a card but can be opened via the cyber jack in the NE room on the level as well), a healing chamber/machine(a bit nw of the res chamber/switch room), and a rad decontamination station just left/west of that healing machine.

BIG TIP-spoiler: Do not go into the NW room with the cams pointing at you from within unless you have a sight stim/patch to use, the res chamber active, and finding and solving the panel puzzle on the room to it's east(gotten to via the level's eastern n-s hallway and an iris door) to keep the door from locking once you go inside. Within is the room you need to enter the shield code within via a panel on a wall. The shield activation controls and fuel slot are also in a room marked as such in the SW areas of the level as well.

Also lastly there is a machine gun of sorts on a body somewhere on this level but I forget where exactly.

*end spoilers/tips*


Now that the level is free of threats and squeaky clean(gotta love that SparQ pistol) I can go to the 3rd level before heading back to level 2 to take care of my first objective as a sekrit space agent numbah 1111!1.


Aside: Doing Level R is not needed before level 3, but one can get most stuff needed for the first main objective done quickly and get some good weapons if one finds them(along with cyber apps for cyberspace) via the level-areas and the level's cyber jack.

Trivia: Level R(0) and Level 3 are the only or some of the only levels you need to come back to to do other things later on as areas are blocked off for various reasons til later.

And with that, I head off to level 3 and my destiny of collecting heads/keycards/stim patches/misc debris......I wanna be the verry best, like no one ever was but IN SPAAAAACE.
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fr33kSh0w2012: That Door is supposed to do that it's supposed to keep opening and closing
GameRager: It is? I always thought it was a glitch.

If it is it's one annoying game "feature" to be sure.....
I kept thinking that more robots were coming for me.
*Door sounds*
"Wha? Wuzzat?"
GameRager: It is? I always thought it was a glitch.

If it is it's one annoying game "feature" to be sure.....
RedFireGaming: I kept thinking that more robots were coming for me.
*Door sounds*
"Wha? Wuzzat?"
Well they do come in waves in some parts once you do some things, but that is plot related and doesn't go on and on forever like this creepy/annoying sound does, thankfully.

BTW make sure to save early and often, as the first level especially has respawning enemies of one type, and iirc some other levels have a bit of it as well(though less so).

BTW how far have you gotten so far, if I may ask? And how are you liking it?
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GameRager: Well they do come in waves in some parts once you do some things, but that is plot related and doesn't go on and on forever like this creepy/annoying sound does, thankfully.

BTW make sure to save early and often, as the first level especially has respawning enemies of one type, and iirc some other levels have a bit of it as well(though less so).

BTW how far have you gotten so far, if I may ask? And how are you liking it?
Not very far. I'm still on the first floor, and I might restart to change the cyberspace difficulty. Took me awhile to figure out how to listen to logs and emails. At least I think I'm getting the hang of the controls. I really like the game, and will keep reading your walkthrough as I progress.

(And after making this post, I'm going to download the manual.)
RedFireGaming: Not very far. I'm still on the first floor, and I might restart to change the cyberspace difficulty. Took me awhile to figure out how to listen to logs and emails. At least I think I'm getting the hang of the controls. I really like the game, and will keep reading your walkthrough as I progress.

(And after making this post, I'm going to download the manual.)
To save time, just enable the motion cursor during cyberspace sections(and disable it after when back in the station) and use it to turn in cyberspace while you use the mapped keys to move around. It makes it a bit easier, barring the jarring movement when moving through cyberspace tunnels between rooms.

In cyberspace you need to pick up the combat software(weapon of cyberspace called PULSAR) which is a red cube usually, and make sure it is selected(in the menu with a left click) then right click or what key you chose to fire at cyber enemies.

Use other things like DRILL(also a red cube to pick up by moving into it and equipped via the center menus) which removes the blue colored lines/ice/defenses on some cyberspace cubes and items....BUT BE AWARE if your DRILL isn't high enough it might not work on higher level blue ice defenses on some items and you won't damage them. Each software can be upgraded for the most part with new versions in new areas of cyberspace accessed via new terminals on other levels of the station.

Avoid the yellow objects which aren't cubes as they take away health if you touch them, and read all new data files(blue or purple cubes iirc in cyberspace) after leaving cyberspace(they go in a data tab in the email reader in real space/station areas).

Lastly, red pluses in cyberspace should be saved if you go low in health as they are health pickups, card shaped objects are security cards for some real space doors, switch shaped items are switches that affect real space doors & such, and stop signs are information panels that display info on the lower right when moved into.
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Post 5-Darkrooms of absolute terr....ific joy and wonderment


Well, I am now on the maintenance level(Level 3). If I have to say anything short and simple, I will say this: They must save a ton on light bulbs. Nice and dark, just the way us vampires and hermits like it, mm-hmm. And the nice friendly creatures floating around add a nice touch as well. I think i'll take one as a pet....I could call it fluffy.


This level is a bit confusing as it is mostly lit very darkly to the point you are tempted to use sight stims the entire time, although they are not needed(for reasons stated below).

Parts of this level are locked off(1 in each compass direction, iirc, and the SE main locked office) until later, as with level R/0, so don't worry about them if you come across them.

Big tips: To start, grab the weapon on the top of a ladder in the room left/southwest of your starting position when coming from level 2, but BE CAREFUL to have shields up and weapon ready as an enemy is near it. The new weapon replaces the lead pipe and kills the new enemies on level 3 easily.

Also in the level's SW corner is the res. station to activate, the power charger is in the nw corner of the level(but BEWARE it takes a bit of health when you use it due to hanging wires near it), and also very important be sure to save the head on the floor in the level's westernmost room(for now until you can unlock the others) as it is needed for a locked door later on on the same level.

There is ALSO a light plugin to light up areas for little energy cost next to said head listed above. Make sure to get it as well to make this level easier to navigate.

*End spoilers*
Trivia-info: The level has 3 elevators, which iirc is the most or near to it for any level. The one you start from goes back to level 2, the one to the far north of the level goes to higher levels other than level 4, and the central elevator goes directly between this level(3) and level 4(storage)/level 5(flight deck) only.

You can complete(iirc) the central elevator and the level it goes to before doing the first main objective but the northern lift seemingly only works AFTER completing the first main objective.

Personal musings: This is more of a filler level for awhile until it becomes more important later on, and is a bit tense due to low lighting(until you get the hardware/plugin in the one room listed above) & a certain new enemy type that respawns sometimes. It is also quite easy to finish the initially accessible bits the first time through.
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Post 6-On Storing things and random skulls/bones

"Just got to the storage cell level. I love the color scheme......bright blue and eye blinding white lights are such a fun thing to experience after the near darkness of the prior level. And who can say no to finding random skulls and bones in boxes/crates scattered around the level? Those bots running around must love squirreling away human remains like some robo Dahmer or something...well at least they found something to do between saying "shodan rules" over and over again & moving back and forth with nothing else to do."


Jokes above aside, the level is mostly optional(one can stock up on ammo and items from enemies and boxes, and pick up a few necessities needed for later objectives here early on if they want to not go straight to level 5 or 6 after/before finishing the first main objective).


Enemies: You meet 3 new enemy types(if you play the levels in order) via a flying mutant dinosaur-like enemy, a gor-tiger mutant(looks like a gorilla and tiger put together), and a tough robotic enemy called a Cyborg Enforcer(it looks like it has crab claws for hands and is VERY TOUGH), and various tough robots as well, so be sure to keep a good ranged gun at the ready as you explore/until you get to the regen machine and activate it.

Points of interest: The CPU cluster is in a room directly north of the main lift in-out of the level and reached via either of the two ramps near the starting room. The power charger is in a locked room next to the CPUs that opens when you destroy the CPUs themselves.

The regen/ressurection machine to be activated is via the room directly SOUTH of the starting lift/room, and reached via the same ramps mentioned(via an iris door and using the grav lift to one's left upon entering that room). The other grav lift in the room leading to the regen machine leads to a code locked door with a hidden door to the left with some goodies inside(via a panel puzzle) & a semi-tough gor-tiger mutant.

Objective spots: A needed item is found on a room accessed via ledges/energy bridges in the NW of the level, and a door is also opened via the same room. The switch for the bridges is in the lower part of the same room under some boxes on the floor itself. One needs to save then run/jump across the sections(one which doesn't work in the upper middle of the room) to get to the room with the needed item. Once it is gotten toss all of them to the floor of the main room so that you don't have to do the run-jump thing again.

Weapons: A riot gun(firing non lethal rubber bullets is just west of the door leading to the rooms with the CPUs, next to some ammo for it. It is not that good though, imo, and can be skipped if one has enough lethal ammo/weapons.

*End Spoilers*

This post is a WIP. I will be playing through the level and will update this post with more info/tips/trivia as I come across/remember it.....stay tuned, peoples.
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Post 7-Flights of the Navifancy

"Maybe I need to take a trip off station.....stretch my legs a bi-....oh bugger." *Hacker sees more flying mutants ahead*

While I rest a bit in the executive lounge area, seeing all the lovely obsidian wall panels and exquisite carpeting in some of the executive areas of the flight deck makes me think: "money well spent"

After level 4 you can go here(You get an additional email IF you complete the first main objective on level 2 BEFORE coming here, otherwise you only get a followup email), although doing so is not needed(iirc) before a certain point and other things have been done to further the story.


Weapons: A new weapon to replace your SparQ laser pistol is found via the door ahead of you and across an energy bridge(turned on via a panel on the wall near the main lift), then past another door marked "4", past a path to the right bathed in light & down a tunnel. Once you reach a tall shaft you need to float up via a central grav lift within and then fall to the southernmost lower vent path(beware a bot guard the weapon).

Also an assault rifle(can replace the dart gun in terms of power if you still have it) can be found in a room past a hidden panel(blue colored wall) in the halls directly north-northeast of the hanger 4 door and the start room of the level. You need to push a switch once pas the hidden door near the dead end to unlock the grey door leading to it.

Points of interest: Some buttons found in hanger 4(reached via a door next to some barrels below the ledge where you start the level) on a raised floor section need to have SOME of them activated to make the energy bridge in the upper section of the room become more solid/elongated. When done right, there will still be 2 small gaps but most of the bridge will be activated and crossable later on.

The cyberjack is in the exec halls in the north areas of the level in the eastern most room, next to a door you need to do cyberspace to open for goodies/etc, near the lift from this level to the 6th floor(exec level), and the power charger is near the assault rifle mentioned a bit above/earlier(it needs low shodan level security, though, so you need to destroy cameras and CPUs first till it gets down to a low level so you can make use of it).

The escape pods(if you ever need them) are east of hangers 2 and 3 in the east of the level, but are locked ATM, while the level's CPU is(iirc) in the level's SW areas near a ton of bots.

The person who emailed you twice(or once if you came here before finishing main objective one) is found in the south past some grav lifts/ventilation shafts, and has audio logs telling what SHODAN wants to do as it's other plans after the first plan(your first objective) fails/failed. You also meet a VERY TOUGH ENEMY so make sure to ready your MAGPULSE and have your shield on/energy bar charged before entering the room with it in it.

*End spoilers*

Personal musings: This level itself is one of my favorite shorter levels in the game, due to it's introduction of a new person and enemy type(the last bit in the spoilers above.).
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Post 8a-Executive decisions, viral coffee breaks, and fancy walls...oh my!

I usually start this level off by going via the lift in the north of floor 3 rather than reaching it via the exec lift in the north of level 5. Both are valid choices, but this post will base directions/etc(for now) off of starting via the lift from level 3.

"Ah, the executive levels, where the powers that be have fun amidt such things as walls made of silver, plush carpeting, and earth-like groves full of cute animals(which are TOTALLY not mutated guiz). A relaxing walk in the groves sounds lovel....agh, wtf is that?!?"


BOSS Warning: There is a boss found in the SW of the level via a duct you crawl through and after hitting a red lever. Have plenty of ammo and shields up/game saved before facing him/when you get to him.

Required Items from lower floors: You need a biosuit for this floor's groves(earth like park areas), or a few of them anyways. It is found on LEVEL 4, in one of the locked rooms there. Make sure to get it(it auto equips) BEFORE entering some of the groves(via their lifts).

Sidenote: A camera is behind a shield ceiling tile and a locked hidden door is also nearby when you start the level. Those(iirc) become open later via other means.

Big note: A code needed to acces a door on the southeast corner of the level is found ONLY(iirc) in cyberspace via the level's cyberjack.

That same door leads to the only way to higher levels and also the level's CPU cluster, and a button/monitor in the same room as that same door opens the forcefield blocking the camera listed above.

Points of Interest: One "grove"(G1) is to your left down a hall and via a lift from where you start. Take note that there is no regen while in the groves so if you die there you lose(if you didn't save your game). So even when/if you start the regen machine on level 6 if you die within a grove it's game over. In that same first grove, also, there is some goodies in a locked room to the east of the level, but you need to shoot all cameras first to unlock it.

The cyberjack is centrally located nw(via a few doors) of the level start, near the exec lift from the flight deck.
Once in cyberspace, there are 3 notes(purple/pink blocks) within the first 2 rooms to pick up, one switch(which open a storage closet on level 6), and some misc pickups as well.

Once you leave the 2nd cyberspace room you will hit a branching path. The left and right paths lead to different rooms with software guarded by ice which you need to drill. In order to do so effectively you need to be close to the block, within line of sight(and not blocked by other cyberspace items and enemies), and fire multiple times quickly.

The left room has a pulsar v8, while the right has another software. Once you leave either room they both join to reach the final room which has a very tough cyber enemy & a switch to open one of the groves' access doors.

Another grove entrance(Delta Grove-G4) is just north of that cyberjack. One room in that grove can only be reached if you have the jump boots(I found them on level 5 in the room you get to by crossing the broken energy bridge in the upper parts of hanger 4), and is in the SE area of the level.

The final visit-able grove(Beta Grove-Grove G2) needs the biosuit equipped from level 4, and is in the south of the level past the hub room's se door and a few more doors. NOTE that in addition to NOT being able to regen if you die within the grove, that grove chips a bit away at your health until you leave just by being there.

Stuff to find in Beta Grove(g2) includes a new nav/mapping unit(though mainly all it does is filling the map with yellow coloring) in the southwestern room(gotten to by going to the NW area first then heading south), a room with goodies in the SW lower areas(gotten to via entering a shaft/opening near the mapping unit pickup...beware of a bot at the bottom of said shaft, though). Jumpboots(v2), an engineering access card(if you missed earlier ones) in a small crate next to some debris, and a powerful explosive can all be found in the room/halls reached via a door in the upper SE of the level(gotten to via a path via grav lift in the earlier mentioned bot filled shaft with goodies).

Grove Buttons: As this is part of the main objectives and important I will list these here in case anyone needs them.

1. The button for the first grove(the lift to which is in the southeast area of level 6) is in the southern room of the grove on the walls.

2. The button to Beta Grove(G2) is behind a grey door reached by going a bit south from the lift/start, then turning west, then going south again over a bridge and then through the door to your west.

3. The third grove cannot be entered as it is has been jettisoned, so don't worry about trying to enter it.

4. The button to Delta Grove(G4) listed above is in the westernmost room of the grove behind a door.

Weapons: That first grove mentioned above has a new laser gun in the NW rooms(with fancy tech walls) inside a suitcase, BUT it is only good(iirc) against bots, while the one you got earlier is good against all creatures(to varying degrees based on it's power setting and how tough said enemies are). It also uses a ton of power per shot.

Also in the main areas of level 6 in the SW-most room there is a nice RPG style weapon guarded by some tough is limited in ammo, though, and the magpulse/other weapons do it's job well by themselves so players might nor want to make use of it at first.

Enemies: New ones to watch out for are the exec bot( a servant bot with gun arms on the main areas of the level), and virus mutants(mutated humans that throw viral projectiles)/plant mutants(ditto) in the groves.

Old ones like old bots and mutants are in the various areas of level 6 and it's groves as well

Items/hardware: There is a night vision plugin near a plant/vase in the Delta Grove life entry(G4) on level 6. It uses more energy than the lowest setting of the head lamp plugin, though.

An admin keycard(need for some doors like the one to the hub a bit sw of the cyberjack) can be found via the long hall east of the cyberjack, along with the level's regen machine.

*End Spoilers*

Trivia: This level as actually the one with the most lifts(that go between major floors/areas)....there are around 3 normal ones that go other floors and 4(1 offline) which go to the groves on the level.
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