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Autoduel by Origin Systems


It's a fairly remembered rpg from Origin, probley because it wasn't called Ultima but it was pretty good and used Steve Jacksons GURPS system
morecowbell24: Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri by Looking Glass Studios, an FPS from 1996
Excellent but underrated action game indeed.
Also quite unique in that is played outside and you have a lot of tactical options, like squadmates to help you out and flying reconaissance drones. You can almost think of this game as an older version of Heavy Gear 2 with elements of Delta Force, but in a lot of areas it even tops those two. By the way the games use of Q-sound never seizes to amaze me.

Herkulius: Severance - Blade of Darkness


Nice, gory game (at the time) with a rather unique approach to combat. You actually had to swing your mouse to swing your character's sword.
I really liked that game, it had excellent graphics for its time, you could play with your shadows on the wall for instance. Only the walking animation of the main characters is a bit clunky by todays standards. The combat takes a while to get used to, it uses a style used in beat them ups in which you perform special attack moves. But the results of your actions is certainly gratifying and this is probably the game that has come closest to being a Conan game. As a sidenote this game also has an excellent soundtrack.
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Platypus games - Great Indie shooters and it's all made out of Clay!

Come on people! Vote for them! you know you want them...

Just listen to those awesome Tunes!
Split Second: Velocity

Awesome Racing game, Vote for the PC version to be released here!
For everyone waiting on the next GK or Tex Murphy... Temujin was an FMV that got horrible reviews. I happen to like it. Bad acting, very blurry videos, tiny screen... but it was just the right amount of everything else to bring it all together. Pretty decent story and puzzle solving in the end. It had its cheesy moments, but its a very fond memory of mine from the time.

I've also recommended the Delaware St. John games before. They won't wow you, but they were pretty solid adventure games and from what I understand, the folks that made it simply did it in their spare time. (they weren't employed by a games studio). Which make them seem much more impressive.
Mega Man Legends: The PC version
Abandoned Places

Bloodstone: an epic dwarfen tale
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Future Cop: LAPD

Enemy Zero
So, so many.

These ones have less that 1000 votes :

Outlaws, western FPS with a Far Cry-like freedom of shoot'em-in-the-back approach, awesome cartoonish graphics, and a strong Leone vibe.

Crimson Skies, some sort of steampunk flight simulator with biplanes and dirigibles and if I haven't played it yet it's your fault.

Star Wars Rebellion, still a trillion times better than Force Commander, Empire at War, and whatnot.

Starship Titanic, a Douglas Adams adventure game, by Douglas Adams.

Trespasser, a cult game that is considered to be the best game ever and the worst. Both are probably true.

The colonel's bequest and its sequel, Laura Bow and the Dagger of Sammun-Mak or Whatever. Sierra-on-line at its best and creepiest.

Manhunter New York and its sequel, Sierra-on-line at its even best and even creepiest.

Shadow of the Comet was the only decent Lovecraft game before Dark Corners.

Bloodnet, cyber-vampirism RPG.

Operation Genesis, Jurassic Park (mis)management.

The 3rd Elite game, unreleased on the amiga and I wept.

These ones have less than 100 votes !!

Covert Action, awesome spy simulation. With actual spy stuff, so gimme a break with your alpha protocol.

Sea Dogs, because how many (gorgeous) pirate simulators does GOG have yet ?

Subwar 2050, even made a thread about it.

and [url=]F19, stealth flight simulators.

Nosferatu, possibly the most terrifying FPS ever. Don't make me laugh, undying !

War of the Worlds. Real time strategy, the musical.

Transarctica, ice apocalypse, giant war trains, mining mammoths. Because nothing makes more sense than sending your mammoths to work in your mines.

and [url=]Roadwar 2000. Ultima IV meets Mad Max.

Martian Gothic, horror survival on mars.

Sheep Dog'n wolf, a Chuck Jones simulator (actually a Ralph Wolf simulator : use ACME devices to try to outwit Sam Sheepdog, and fail).

Seven Cities of Gold, because Sid Meier's Colonization and not that !?

These ones have LESS THAN TEN VOTES :

Hammer ad Sickle, unforgiving spy-ish turn-based squad tactical game. Completely unfair plot wise (too much freedom to make invisible mistakes, by starting the wrong mission at the wrong time), but awesome in terms of X-Com/Jagged Alliance action.

Death to Spies, the sequel is out for a long time now. And this smersh simulator owns any Hitman, Assassin's Creed or Sniper Elite you can throw at me.

Seriously, guys.
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Seriously? Serious Sam II, Serious Sam BFE!
The latter is the best shot-n-up ever! Help it to free from the DRM curse.
Telika: Sea Dogs, because how many (gorgeous) pirate simulators does GOG have yet ?
Always wanted to know how much does Sea Dogs compare to it's sequel Sea Dogs 2 (Or as its officially called Pirates of the Caribbean lol)
Roman5: Dark Sector

released on the PC a year after the console versions
GamersGate has it but it's hidden to those of us outside of the US.


I got it at Greenman Gaming for less than ten bucks last week.
Telika: Sea Dogs, because how many (gorgeous) pirate simulators does GOG have yet ?
romulus16: Always wanted to know how much does Sea Dogs compare to it's sequel Sea Dogs 2 (Or as its officially called Pirates of the Caribbean lol)
Unfortunately I haven't played the sequel. I wouldn't be surprised if the sequel was technically better, but, Sea Dogs has the advantage (for me) of not being related to Disney, "Pirates of the Caribbean", and zombie ghosts stories. It's a more neutral universe, and as such, it's closer to Sid Meier's Pirates (even though it doesn't take place in an actual archipelago).

I love pirates (I collect historical books about XVIIIth century piracy, as a hobby), and I didn't like the disney movies at all. So, when I look for pirate games, I prefer those who are just based on historical piracy, and not on one specific commercial fantasy universe featuring pirates...

All I can say is that Sea Dogs had its flaws, such as empty ship decks (I heard you can see the crew on it, in the sequel) and annoying counter-intuitive swordfights (a bit similar to Quest of Glory's, if I remember well, but more tedious). It was still pretty magnificent, though.
I;d love to see Tachyon: The Fringe. Bruce Campbell + Wing Commander = Win