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Generous slice size.
with extra pepperoni
And extra chilli.
on the side
low rated
Along with our usual services, we offer USA Business Fax List for sending faxes in large quantity to a pre-defined set of database locally, nationally or internationally at low-cost, making us your number one choice for the same. Telephone companies themselves offer some services that can help individuals avoid telemarketing calls. It is important to note that the TSR does not apply to certain forms of telemarketing, including most business-to-business sales calls, telemarketing by banks, federal financial institutions, common carriers (phone companies and airlines), insurance companies, and non-profit organizations.
Fries with that?
chocolate shake, please
Grande size, please
Super size it?
with diet soda.
Drink diet water...
That's "Adam's Ale."
Or George's Stout.
Thief of crowns.
oko.jpg (196 Kb)
King of Crime.