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I rest my case.
tinyE: Thank god you've had zero issues with Steam because they don't have any support. There if a game breaks, too bad. You can return it but no one is going to help getting it running.
They have support. You'll just have to wait a year for a response. :P
You can mouse over your account avatar, where a drop-down menu will appear. Go to the one that says "Orders and Settings". You should see your order there and a green shield next to it. Upon mousing over the icon, you shall see it's the money-back guarantee (if you qualify, which you should if your purchase is recent). Next to it is an arrow. Click on it, and there is the "Contact Support" button.

Because doing it by this way nets a more direct line, as your order number is automatically included in the query.
tinyE: i think the OP is gone :P
That seems to happen a lot. Sometimes I think it's because we forumites are assholes to clueless newbies, but in this case we've been decent overall.