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Now technically vanilla Dosbox has composite CGA support but it's only for a certain mode of Composite CGA I believe mode 4 which means quite a few games will still look fugly despite being designed for composite monitors such as Ultima's 2 and 3, Jungle Hunt, Donkey Kong, Tapper, Bruce Lee, Dino's Eggs and Below the Root to name a few, since they uses other modes like mode 6 i believe. But while tweaking the cycles on the conf file for SVN Daum trying to set up the Roland MT support so I can play Wing Commander as it was meant to be heard, I noticed some additonal CGA settings curious I ended up heading over to VOGONs and sure enough found that someone made a patch for wider composite CGA support.

It's not perfect even after setting the conf file to Machine=CGA you may have to hit the f12 key to force composite emulation especially with Ultima 2 and 3 and I don't know for sure but some of the artifacting/smudging looks a bit off but again I don't have a old computer with a CGA card and composite video monitor to check. But it's a small hassle to play many early dos games the way they were intended.

Here is some examples

Ultima 2 Title Screen Composite:
Town Composite:
World screen composite:

and here is a comparison of Below the Root "normal" CGA and Composite CGA:
another example:
Ms. Pac-man
RGB/Normal CGA Title Screen:
RGB/Normal CGA Game:

Composite CGA Title Screen:
Composite CGA Game:

I tried to take a similar title screen screen cap for the composite but I had to set the game to Composite first which took me to the options menu which I didn't know how to exit out off.
Yep, the DOSBox folks should make up their collective mind and release a proper 0.75 version already :-P
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KingofGnG: Yep, the DOSBox folks should make up their collective mind and release a proper 0.75 version already :-P
I actually agree on that one. I mean we got all these SVN builds that allow for Roland MT emulation, better composite CGA support, allows for the use of 3dfx emulation and who knows what else all in the span from when the last version of Dosbox was released to now. I honestly don't get why they didn't just take what we got in the SVN builds and label it 0.75. Unless they are still seriously considering the notion they had of stopping work on Dosbox all together and start over fresh with a new Dos emulator.