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Take on a classic, turn-based roguelike set in a 90's flavored sci-fi universe where you join a lone space marine that fights against overwhelming demonic forces. Jupiter Hell is finally available as a full-fledged game on GOG.COM, along with a 20% discount that will last until 15th August 2021, 5:15 PM UTC.

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Very nice, into the cart it goes.
Offline installer currently at 0.9.12a when I just checked.

Has this game left the development stage for offline installer users, or only for Galaxy users?
You're right, looks like it's not quite out of InDev just yet.
avatar Take on a classic, turn-based roguelike set in a 90's flavored sci-fi universe where you join a lone space marine that fights against overwhelming demonic forces.
That's more like a turn-base comics. Not impressed by trailer.
Got a certain vibe from StarCraft cinematics of that time.
I put the changelog for the new version on GOG forum:
and yes, no update on GOG Offline Installer ...
But currently GOG does not function at all (see "Haven Park" - instead of
informing about problems it is now a mere Windows game - sigh) ...
And I could just now see this announcement - was not shown when
I created the changelog, that's for sure ... and used Steam for getting
the changelog (which had problems with its website, too ...).

So it is out now ... but not yet on GOG concerning offline installer.
I don't have access to GOG Galxy Client (GNU/Linux and happy with
OS choice and client absence :), but thus I am not sure if it is there
for those loving DRM ...
We all need some patience ... ;)

Oh, it is there for Windows right now: 1.0 (49052), so only
GNU/Linux (like me) and macOS users need to wait ... but
we are just accustomed to this treatment, right?
It's 1.0 now.
I like that animation trailer.
No OST packaged for sale/available anywhere.
From some old comments on reddit I doubt it'll be released on any game store either.
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Swedrami: It's 1.0 now.
Thank you, indeed. Glad that happened quickly. Still, it would be nice if these posts notified us as to when the offline installers are available...i.e., the installers that some of us consider the "actual" release since we don't wish to use the optional Galaxy client.
I read it "Jupiter Stage leaves the development hell!".
I've been looking forward to this for a while. :)
viperfdl: I like that animation trailer.
Ditto. "It has absolutely nothing to do with hell demons on a certain red planet. No, siree!" ;) That armor and shotgun are a total dead giveaway.
Holy shit!!! That animation was awesome :D
The video gave me the impression of a game that is a cross between Dead Space and Fallout. Either way it looks cool.

It was already on my wishlist, but I have 100s of games in backlog, so I'll have to wait for now or this will end up forgotten like the others lol.

Currently playing Dragon's Dogma DA (insanely fun with mods) and Divinity Original Sin EE (also incredible in a different way) and both are a handful at the moment.
EDIT #1:
Is it me or does the opening scene in that video look almost like a scene from the animated Dead Space movie? Don't get me wrong, it's still good. Just thought it was a weird co-incidence.
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I need this. So, so much!