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Long winter nights are a perfect time to fully immerse yourself into games. That’s why we joined forces with CORSAIR to bring you a contest with fantastic prizes that will make your winter gaming sessions even more unforgettable.

The rules of this competition are simple: Imagine that you can play only one game during long winter nights this year. Which title from the GOG.COM library would you pick?

Leave a comment below with a creative explanation, post it on our Facebook under the contest announcement post or on Twitter using #MyWinterGame hashtag.

Submit your answers before January 2nd, 2020, at 3 PM CEST and we will announce winners on the following day. Don't be late and take your chance to win one of the prizes:
For the 1st place: Corsair NIGHTSWORD mouse + Corsair MM300 Extended mousepad + Corsair VOID RGB ELITE Wireless headset + digital copy of the game available on GOG.COM that you described

For 2nd and 3rd places: Corsair NIGHTSWORD mouse + Corsair MM300 Extended mousepad + digital copy of the game available on GOG.COM that you described

10 consolation prizes with 1 random game available on GOG.COM

Terms and conditions apply. You can check them in the first comment on the forum.
My pick will be The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. I have poured hundred of hours in both I and II and am planning to play the third in the series.
I would enjoy solely playing Fallout New Vegas.

Not only is it a very captivating story with a great amount of quests and challenges in probably best version of Fallout universe to date, but in particular I love the storytelling through the environment. It is what is not being said and explained that is so immersive. I remember the developers of Fallout 3 talking in an interview about how they tried to tell stories of various people the player never met in F3 through the environment. Obsidian did a terrific job in this aspect too.

I found myself enjoying the game even more so, while listening to the very old, but atompunk suiting, radio shows like CBS Radio Mystery Theater, 2000 Plus, Gunsmoke, Space Patrol and Tales of The Texas Ranger. Exploring the post apocalyptic world while listening to these shows was so immersive and entertaining, it gave the game a whole new quality. I would sometimes play only for the sake of the shows, which kept the experience fresh. This combination has been so great, I even attempted at modding Fallout NV to incorporate the "Pre War Broadcast Archives", where the player would find tapes of the archive and unlock radio shows on the Pipboy. Nothing beats listening to Marty Robbins' Big Iron and then an episode of Gunsmoke chasing some raiders in the post apocalyptic Nevada.
I fondly look back on the winter of 2011-2012. A dark and dreary affair by most counts, but one that saw me immersed in philosophical ruminations for months on end. The central question I kept circling back to? 'What can change the nature of a man?'

Those with a bent for story-heavy games will recognize this as the driving question in Planescape: Torment. Yes, I was late to the party. But what a majestic and fascinating party is was. To this day, I still sometimes go back, revisiting some sections, finding new little treasures or trying different approaches.

For years I anticipated the arrival of Torment: Tides of Numenera. Yet, I have not played it yet. Will I be as late to this party? Surely not. Looking outside, at the gray, rainy and barren landscape outside my window, I consider the possibility of escape. I could dive into the rich and exotic environment of Torment: Tides of Numenera, explore the new narratives, settings and characters strewn throughout this game world like so many cast-off forms - or like the forgotten histories of the Nameless One, just waiting to be uncovered. The idea excites me. And while the narrative junky in me is eager to get his fix, an even bigger part of me looks forward to another winter spent in glorious solitude, grappling with a new philosophical quandary: 'What does one life matter?'
Long winter nights require a game that will challenge you while being fun to play for hours on end. And one of the best examples of such a game is Dead Cells. It marries the platforming, exploration, and combat of a Metroidvania with the endless replayability of a roguelike. With tough, 2D Souls-lite combat, each encounter with an enemy feels rewarding, and the persistent threat of permadeath will keep you on your toes throughout.

Hence, my pick is Dead Cells.
A long day in the snow complete, a rosy-faced gamer sits down by the fire, laptop in hand. Extremities defrost, and the mind warms as Just Cause 2 launches, the tropical beauty of Panau a welcome relief from the cold of the day. The sun sets, the fire begins to burn down, but the multiplayer mod brings together gamers from around the world to hide from the chilly winter in the everwarm sun while the southern hemisphere seeks out the chill of Panau's highest peaks to drive out the sweltering heat that makes up their winter for some reason.
One game over winter you say? Well I think I'd go with Pathfinder Kingmaker. It's from my favourite genre, with content I haven't explored yet. When combined with my slow gaming tendencies, I feel I could make this game last an entire season without having to restrict myself to five minutes per day as I would with some other games.

And what better way to keep yourself warm during the long, cold nights than by forging a nation?
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Only one game? Then I chose Blasphemous to quench my souls thirst until those come over to GoG but for now it will more than do and make these wintery nights just a bit more manigable.
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If I only could play one game I would take Factorio. Although the game is not yet finished it already provides a lot of replay-ability. And when it gets updated and finished it only will provide more replay-ability.
Cyberpunk 2077 would be the perfect game for me to play on the long winter nights, partly because it's release date is in Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, so it should be ready and waiting when our long winter nights start ;) Also, CDPRs previous games have all kept me happy for months, and I expect nothing less from CP2077.
My winter game would have to be Bioshock. I watched a few trailers for the game and I was impressed with what I saw. I never heard about this game until recently. Bioshock has a much more haunting world than I thought it did, which is one element I love. The game play looks like a lot of fun and the characters seem really interesting. I would love to curl up on the couch with my two cats and play Bioshock on those cold winter evenings!
Firewatch would be my choice. I want to be immersed in a world wandering around outside in the sun and fresh air, to forget the cold, wet weather outside my window.
The Witcher 3 is the obvious choice.

A beautiful, lush, and lively world where you are the central character. There's combat, mystery, romance, and content galore, particularly with the expansion packs.

Who will you love? What path will you take? What skills will you master? The choices are so numerous that you'll be able to play all winter long.

Easily one of the most immersive gaming experiences in years, and immerse yourself even further by reading The Witcher books or watching the show during those moments when you have to stop gaming to eat or use the restroom!

No other game will offer you so much content or feels to keep you entertained this winter.
So, where are the results? Who won?
"The winner(s) will be contacted via Twitter/Facebook/GOG.COM forum instant messaging and announced on the GOG.COM Forum within one week of the Closing Date."

I think that an official post on this forum is coming today.

Anyway, this is one of my favourite topics to read again and again. I would like to personally thank you all for your entries, it is extremely inspiring to read this and you have thought me about new(for me) games.

Happy New Year Everyone!
No man's Sky. Endless adventure.