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As the drunken pirate of the thread who has downed over half a litre of rum at 54% vol before writing this post, I'd like to recommend:

Yo-ho-ho and too much god damn rum!

(You should see my Japanese fiances reaction when i suggest songs like this, it's swiftly followed by "put the bottle down!!!" xD!)
TELECiDE - Cycle of Addiction

HOELDERLINS - Break the wall live

X JAPAN - Kurenai live

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Yuyoyuppe - Leia

A hagane vocaloid classic~
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We're partial to the koto(箏) music of Miyamoto Musashi(宮本 武蔵).
I only really know Ningen Isu.
They're pretty good though.

I guess Wagakki band counts too?
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