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All the Way (2016)

A "quality movie", in general, and Bryan Cranston does a great job at playing president Johnson (I can't comment on the realism). Not a classic (for me), but a very decent movie.
I'm not usually into political movies (movies about government)... but I did like The West Wing (the series).

Note: reviewing art/media is not a talent of mine.
ConsulCaesar: Krull (1983)

I had never heard about this film until I found it on an 80s fantasy movies list as the "forgotten one". It's a mix of science fiction and fantasy, a sword and sorcery Star Wars. I was pleasantly surprised: it has the right amount of naivete to scratch the nostalgia for that time when a new movie was a ticket to a new world where everything was possible.
Nicely put, it's very much how I feel about most of 80s fantasy films like this or Willow or Ladyhawk. Plus, Krull has some really great designs, and young Liam Neeson in a minor role.

kai2: I just watched Fire & Ice (1983)

While the story leaves a bit to be desired, the sword-and-sorcery Frazetta designs and Bakshi's rotoscoping and directorial talent are on full display.
Yeah, the story is weak, but the visuals are one of a kind amazing. Plus, there's Caveman Batman the Barbarian. Awesome.
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Breja: Yeah, the story is weak, but the visuals are one of a kind amazing. Plus, there's Caveman Batman the Barbarian. Awesome.
Some crazy Fire & Ice trivia...

The background work is amazing. One of the lead background painters...

... Thomas Kinkade.

Yes, this thomas Kinkade:


... also watched Hawk the Slayer (1980)

It's extremely low-budget sword-and-sorcery with pretty wooden performances and terrible dialogue...

... but...

... kinda endearing in a strange way.
kai2: Anyway...

... also watched Hawk the Slayer (1980)

It's extremely low-budget sword-and-sorcery with pretty wooden performances and terrible dialogue...

... but...

... kinda endearing in a strange way.
Yep, it's terrible and kinda charming. And it's still a better D&D movie than the actual D&D movie :D Sort of a perfect film for an evening of pizza and Talisman.

There's also the Deathstalker films, which range from a low-budget but entertaining-if-you're-into-it Conan rip-offs to completely pants on head insane Army of Darkness style comedy.

But my personal favorite is The Sword and the Sorcerer. It's a B-movie through and through, but it's great swashbuckling fun. It also features probably the greates, most insane weapon ever in any fantasy film - the triple sword. And the blades can be fired as projectiles. It's glorious.
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Master and Commander (2003)
- Amazing, as I hoped it would be. Russell Crowe slays it in this one, but not to say that the rest of the cast isn't brilliant as well. The little blond kid is a badass.

Death Becomes Her (1992)
- Silly, but a lot of fun. Deliciously surreal at times, which was a pleasant surprise. Favorite quote:
"Where did you put my wife?"
"She's dead, sir. They took her to the morgue."
"The morgue? She'll be FURIOUS." xD
Breja: I don't even like the Ninja Turtles, and I was still impressed with how much fun this was, and even more with how dark it got at times. And most of all - the fight scenes were bloody spectacular. I don't often say that of animated films, but here it's absolutely true, with no hyperbole. The first Batman vs Shredder fight was superbly well choregraphed, and it felt quite brutal, and the Turtles vs Ra's al Ghul at the end was almost as good.

If anyone told me before that Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be the best animated feature from DC in years I'd call them crazy. Turns out it is, and I'm actually wating for a sequel. I mean sure, it's not a great film the way some animated Batman films were in the past, but it's a ton of fun.
Buddy, you just might love TMNT 2003. Highlight fights include: a secret agent who wants to dissect the Turtles vs. a gang leader who works for Shredder and has arms each as thick as the agent's body, the Turtles vs. Shredder round 2 with a shocking face-reveal, Turtles vs. Shredder round 3 or 4 while he's trying to escape Earth on a rocket, the illusion cave where Leo thinks he had to kill Splinter in self-defense, and not much of a fight but Dr. Stockman gradually becomes a brain in a jar by losing body-parts all the time.

Seriously, it felt like that Batman crossover was a sequel to this version specifically; It's 5 seasons before they go to the future, and I think another 4 seasons after that shark-jump.
A Sun (aka Yangguang puzhao) - 2019 IMDB_LINK
On Netflix. I found some parts difficult to understand due cultural differences but it was interesting
Hello everyone!

After watching on youtube a quite well researched fan documentary about the visual and special effects used in the movie "The Flight of the Navigator", I returned to this masterpiece from 1986.

=> VFXcool on Flight of the Navigator

It is still one of my top three movies of all time! And with the (for me) new background information some of its special effects were even more impressive now.

Why is it one of my favourites?

First, it is an actually family friendly movie. It does not include any kind of violence and is all around quite innocent.
Secondly, it feeds the viewers imaginations and curiosity, has a good share of harmless humor, while at the same time depicting how fragile and inadequate we humans can feel or actually be.
Due to its time-plot the film's characters seem to be relatable for all ages. When younger, one might relate to the boys struggles while growing up (for instance in his relationship towards his younger brother or to his parents or a potential first love interest). The older audience (like me) can relate well to the boys experience of feeling out of place, especially, if you know the sensation of disconnect from the current generation.

I can still recommend this old movie!

By the way, I prefer the miniature-based special effects from the mid 80's over the no everywhere used CGI effects.

Kind regards,
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Tomorrow War 6/10

Great effects, great action. They managed to make a woke first half with a slow start and a second old school half of the movie. Popcorn cinema, keep your brain switched off, do not count bullets to enjoy it. They managed to put also climate in a bit, as well as genetics...and even the word vaccine...which I did not get at all why, but perhaps somebody else can enlighten me.
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Fear of Rain
By the name of that i thought it would be something related to rain,, but shhit is not that. Here rain is a Girl with some fucked up mind(schizophrenia) hearing and seeing shit that we won't. It was good up to some point but i didnt like that ending..
Tales from Earthsea
I rank this movie near the bottom of all the Studio Ghibli movies.
To me, a random series of scenes here and there called "a movie" (aka no plot, no argument, no consistency, no motivations, no development... choose your terminology)
The sour taste drove me to read the reviews (maybe I was the problem) and now I know its based on 4 books... whata...?
I dont feel the slightest urge to read those books and no plan to watch this movie ever again. Case closed.
Nice visual artwork (as expected on animated & Ghibli movies)
cryware: The sour taste drove me to read the reviews (maybe I was the problem) and now I know its based on 4 books... whata...?
The Earthsea books are among the absolute best fantasy books of all time, in quality, influence and recognition it's second probably only to Tolkien's books. However turning into an anime was always a terrible idea (as is turning anything into an anime), and from all I heard it's a particularly lousy adaptation at that, barely connected to the source material at all. Do not judge the books based on the film. It's like eating the worst, cheapest pizza you could find and then deciding never to go to Italy.
Dead Man Walking (1995)

Overall a pretty generic drama about the problematic nature of capital punishment.

Acting overall was quite good (with big name actors) and I liked how the movie didn't seem to take a clear stance on either for or against capital punishment.
Thank you Breja, then I will consider to take a look to the books :)
The Ice Road (2021)

This movies tagline is "This Mission Is On Thin Ice", but truth is, the whole movie is on thin ice. It's so mind-numbingly stupid I constantly had to pinch myself from biting my fingers.

I don't think I need to list all the terrible things here, including all the idiotic decisions apparently made by teens just to create some drama, and apart from Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne, there's really nothing here that one needs to see unless one is able to completely leave the brain in the bed. Those two delivers good with little they have, but that's just not enough.

Lazily made, but then again, most Netflix movies almost have that "Asylum" quality. And, they managed to throw in some random "racism"-card (really, stop it, we haven't had different races on this planet for at least 200k-400k now) and "retarded-and-bullied-veteran-but-actually-a-closet-mechanic-rainman", and suicidal truck drivers.

2 / 6 (but only because of Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne).

I can instead, however, highly recommend the movie 33 (2015) if anyone is interested in watching a good movie about miners being trapped. The TV series about real ice truckers ("Ice Road Truckers") is also much better to watch than this.
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