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DavidOrion93: I've watched Terminator Genisys last month, forgot about this thread.
I didn't really like it and I'm a Terminator fan. Not sure why this movie had to be made.
I didn't like Terminator 3 that much either. 1 and 2 was gold to me.
I was surprised by Arnold vs Arnold fight, I liked that. But I found the rest of the movie confusing or lacking.
Be warned: Dark Fate will break your soul and shit on the remains.
Done with Get Out last night... It's a pretty good one.. perfect ending not like some shit movies,, But i expected some more story/history to their legacy.. but it's fine
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Don't know why, but I've always loved this film. Shia nails the role.
A Clockwork Orange

Always a pleasure for me to watch, as it is one of the most aesthetically appealing movies for me. I love the look and sound of it.
The Green Knight

I really thought I would like it more than I did. The trailers looked great. And it's not a bad film by any means, but all the time watching it I couldn't hel feeling that it's trying a bit too hard to be artsy and poignant and slow. And it messes with the story in a weird way, leaving just enough of it to be recognisable, but changing so much the elements left don't really fit together like they should. At least that's my take.

But like I said, it's not bad - there's still a lot here to like. The music is good, I like the guy playing Gawain, and many scenes, even whole "chapters" are very engrossing and moody and beautiful. And above all, it's a visually stunning film. Wikipedia gives the budget as 15 million dollars, which frankly I find hard to credit, but even if it would be double or triple that, it would still be amazing what they managed here, as it leaves 200 million blockbusters in the dust. It's one of those films like Blade Runner or Heaven's Gate, where you could take almost any frame and hang it on the wall like a painting.

I'm glad I saw it, and I'm glad a movie like this can get made, see theatrical distribution and apaprently some measure of financial success in this day and age, but I do wish it was maybe less ponderous, a bit shorter and embraced also the more colorful and entertaining "side" of chivalric romance.
InSaintMonoxide: I love the look and sound of it.
Walter/Wendy Carlos. Classic.

Switched-on Bach

The Shining

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Fire in the sky (1993)

UFO abduction film, and quite a good one I thought. SPOILER: I was mostly interested in it for its infamously brutal abduction/pr**bing scene, and here it definitely didn't disappoint. I think I even started to feel sorry for the actor that had to endure it :P
The Endless
A suspenseful mystery. It's about 2 brothers escaped from a cult 10 years ago. But a mysterious mailed video left the brothers wondering about the cult. One brother isn't happy with his life, and wants to go back to the cult. Other brother is skeptical. Both brothers have different views about the cult. Unexplained phenomena happens at the cult camp.
I enjoyed the movie, but had more questions after watching it.
Ecstacy of order
& Once upon Atari
Batman the Long Halloween

Released in two parts, it's almost crazy how the duality of that fits perfectly with Two-Face - one part perfect, and the other ugly. The first part really surprised me with how good it was. The noir mood, solid pacing, nice animation and style somewhere in between The Animated Series and Tim Sale's art and solid voice acting. It just felt... right.

And then the second part messes everything up. The nice look and voice work are still there, but other than that... the mood is mostly gone, the pacing feels rushed, and worst of all the story just falls apart. It was clear in the first part they were changing the way it will go in the finale, but the way they re-wrote the whole thing is just a disaster (thought I'll admit- I guess I'm kind of an idiot, since the jumbled reveal in the book was never entirely clear to me), it makes little to no sense, and it's a damn disservice to many characters, including even Batman, written terribly out of character at the end. Catwoman's role is also strangely altered to make her a straight up hero and partner with Batman.

So that's two major Batman classic's ruined in animation - Killing Joke and Long Halloween. I'm not sure if look forward to any more adaptations of some of my favorite Bat comics I used to hope would be made...
Blazing Saddles. Didn't watch all of it, just a bit to test if it was region locked as I got it for my grandfather as a birthday present last month.
Hello everyone!

I have watched again one of my favourite movies: "The Ghost & the Darkness"!
It is about a british engineer being tasked to build a river-crossing train bridge in Tsavo (Africa), where two man eating lions wreck havoc.
The scenery and threat of the lions are both inspiring and frightening at the same time! And I can relate very well to the main characters desires, fears and attitude! Furthermore, it is set in an era where human's ingenuity overcomes a lot of obstacles.

The overall acting performances are really good, and the hunting scenes are full of tension.
But I have to stress, that the movie is NOT for everyone, since the lion attacks are depicted quite explicit and shocking, and social conflicts play a huge role.

Kind regards,
False Positive

: Couple havea problem with pregnancy.. so they'll consult a doctor.. nd shit goes on.. later she(wife) suspects her husband is hiding something from her(he wants boys where as she's interested in girl),,, at last she'll get to know that the sperm is related to doctor and shit..

Well i can't say this is worst.. so far its OK.
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Borat ... very bad movie, forced and being butthurt by trump is clearly noticeable

Blizzard of Souls in contrast this is a good movie, takes part in Latvia during ww1, noting special and that's refreshing lately
Gold Diggers: the Secret of Bear Mountain

It starts out really good, for something like 40 minutes it almost feels like an attempt at a girl-centric companion piece to Stand By Me. More family-friendly, yeah, but still. But at more or less the half-way point, it loses most of that mood, and ends up feeling almost like a Disney Channel movie. It's still a good movie for kids I think, and parents won't be bored, but I feel like it could have been much more. There could have been some real bite to it.
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